It got closer and closer, and the distance in a blink of an eye was reduced by half. The sacred rock turtle\’s hideous appearance, as well as the sharp and terrifying teeth, can crush even the hardest things.

As soon as the voice fell, the strong men of the vast star realm retreated quickly like a tide, but when they retreated, some of the strong men were chased and killed by wild beasts for a while, and finally thousands of corpses were left behind.Shanghai did not pursue it, nor did he let the 900,000 wild beasts that had been in ambush take action. Even if they appeared, they could only kill half of them. Instead, they exposed this hole card. He immediately decided to keep it first, maybe at a critical moment. Will play an unexpected effect.Seeing the Hao Star Realm powerhouse retreat, the Lingshen Line and the remaining six race children uttered excited cheers.The people of the Lingshen line quickly gathered at the side of Lingzhantian, and their faces were full of excitement. Although a lot of losses were lost this time, the Lingshen line was finally saved.The most important thing is that Ling Zhantian is still alive.Big Brother…grandfather……The second elder and others rushed over.suddenly!Ling Zhantian standing high in the sky, the black and white power of reincarnation on his body disappeared, and his body shook and fell from the sky.Upon seeing this, the second elder and others were out……Shanghai rises from the sky, catches Ling Zhan Tian, ​​and the perception quickly sinks into it. When the situation of Ling Zhan Tian is detected, his face is even more ugly, the body is necrotic, and the internal organs are seriously damaged. This is not the most serious. , And there is still a trace of weird power in Grandpa\’s body that is eating away at his vitality.The spiritual sense of the second elder and others quickly swept across Ling Zhantian\’s body, his expression suddenly changed, and he sighed again and again.Second Grandpa, how is Grandpa\’s situation? Ling Xuan Jian and others asked anxiously.It\’s okay, it\’s just an old illness. The second elder waved his hand, pretending to be relaxed, but his eyebrows were full of indispensable haze.It\’s just an old disease? Lingxuanjian noticed that the second elder\’s expression was different, and he couldn\’t help frowning.Jian\’er and Hao\’er stay, you all go to tidy up. The second elder ordered.Although the others were suspicious, they did not hesitate at all, and quickly retreated, sorted out their injuries, and rescued the wounded.After watching everyone leave, the second elder sighed deeply.

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