Shanghai suddenly realized that arguing with a woman blinded by hatred is of little use, and it\’s useless to say more, especially this kind of stubborn woman.

Ling Xuan Biao smiled, \”Big Brother, your strength has become stronger and stronger over the years. If you hold another Hundred Clan Conference, with your current strength, Big Brother, it won\’t be a difficult task to enter the top ten.\” He said. It\’s not a lie. In the past five years, the Lingxuan Sword has been wandering the boundary between Tianzhou and Mingzhou, and has gone through an unknown number of life and death experiences, and its strength has far surpassed the past.I\’m not a big deal. There are many more advanced than me in the ancient Protoss. Now we are defending at the boundary of the two states, and all we have encountered are some powerful people in the vast star realm who are of lower strength than ours. Just be careful, there is basically no big problem.Lingxuanjian shook his head, and cast his eyes on the Tianzhou area, \”There is the real battlefield, where the real strong fight against each other. I heard that Ba Yu and others are now the leader of a party in Tianzhou. They even joined forces to kill a powerful star in the holy master level.\” As they spoke, their eyes were filled with hope.There are more powerhouses in Tianzhou, and there are many of them, whether they are from the vast star realm or the top powerhouses of the four clans. In the past five years, there have been many talented people among the four races, and these people have been born out of nowhere, and even overwhelmed Ba Yu and others who were originally!At the original Hundred Clan Conference, only Ming Yuyan was able to enter the first level of the younger generation. Even Ba Yu could barely enter the first level. As for the rest, they all fell into the second and third levels. Among.Even, there are some people who are not as talented as Ba Yu and others in the past. Under the constant life and death experience, they have made breakthroughs and even surpassed Ba Yu and others in strength. Although there are not many of these people, there are several people, which makes me sigh. , Things are impermanent.If the eighth brother is there, with his ability, it is inevitable to enter the first level… Ling Xuan Biao said quickly, just halfway through the words, and quickly swallowed what he hadn\’t finished.Eight brother…Lingxuan Sword\’s eyes flickered, his eyes filled with regret and sadness, as well as deep self-blame. Although it has been five years, it is just like yesterday. He still clearly remembers, if it were not for Shanghai\’s death to quote If you walked to the Baihao Star Realm powerhouse, I\’m afraid they would have died a long time ago.It can be said that their lives were saved by Shanghai.Big Brother…Stop talking, clean up and go back, don\’t mention the eighth brother in front of grandpa, lest grandpa get hurt again… Ling Xuan Jian waved his hand in a depressed mood.Um!Ling Xuanbiao nodded slightly.Hundreds of strong stars in the star realm have been killed. All descendants of the Protoss branch began to sort out the spoils, and then faded away to the nineteenth holy city in an orderly manner. Everyone\’s face was quite indifferent, because of the encounters like today. This is not the first time.Five years after fighting against the strong stars in the Hao Star Realm, the Four Races Alliance has also become familiar with the strong in the Hao Star Realm. In addition to the 400,000 main powers in the past, these strong also carry three or four descendants. The strength of the descendants is not much different from that of the younger generation.Three years ago, after the four races formed an alliance, the battle with the strong stars in the star realm became a stalemate. Over the years, there have been fewer and fewer battles, all on a small or medium scale, and occasionally a slightly larger scale. Fight, but the number has basically remained at around 500,000.The nineteenth holy city is one of the defensive lines of the ancient Protoss branch. There are 25 branches of the Protoss here, including the spirits and gods.In the main hall of the Holy City.

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