Within the whirlpool, Shanghai\’s perception is fading fast, as if some terrifying force is suppressing his consciousness, but with the heavenly consciousness, the perception fades much more slowly.

Ling Xuanbiao squeezed out a hard smile, \”I will be your drag. Anyway, I have lived for so many years, and I accidentally killed a guy. It\’s already a return. You go quickly and save your life. Here, help me get revenge in the future.\”Withdrawing his gaze, Ling Xuan Jian took a deep breath, turned around abruptly, and lifted Ling Xuan Biao on the ground, and threw it onto his back.Grab steady!Big Brother…What\’s so scary about death, if you really want to die, then we die together. Lingxuan Sword smiled, and immediately picked up the bronze giant sword in one hand, ready to fight to the death, he would not care about the other people\’s choices, but he But he will not give up his brother.Without saying much, Ling Xuanbiao grasped firmly.kill!The Lingxuan Sword leaped up and slew at the group of people, preparing to break through, but this scene was in the eyes of the others, but he shook his head helplessly.really!After the Spirit Profound Sword rushed through the three powerful star realms, he was wounded, and a starburst cut on his calf. If it hadn\’t been hiding fast enough, it would have been cut off, and the speed dropped suddenly. Four powerful star realms came from four directions.Four horror stars attacked and killed.The third move of the Dark Spirit Holy Sword…The Lingxuan Sword gritted its teeth and wielded the strongest magical skill. The sword light rose into the sky, shattering a star, but when faced with the three starlights, it was wiped out. The remaining three starlights were killed on the spot. The two were swallowed, and at this moment, both brothers laughed.Death is not terrible, terrible is indifference to loved ones.Big brother, we will be brothers in the next life.Um!The two looked at each other and smiled.The moment they thought they were going to be torn apart, the void suddenly shook, and the quaint bronze gate emerged, rolling and rolling. Three stars were caught in it, and they were strangled on the spot, and a figure appeared in the sky. Holding a scarlet spear and a simple bronze gate above his head, he slew the group of powerful stars in the world.One person, one spear, swept past.The four strong star realms who had just sent out the stars didn\’t react, they were caught up in them on the spot, and they were directly twisted to pieces.

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