The elder brother of the Chen family is a good-looking person. I heard that his sister went to buy jewelry that day, so he was very kind to her. Now her sister has climbed up to her majesty. It seems that she really doesn\’t remember at all. Shen Xian looked like she was ungrateful.

She choked and asked, \”you are with me to fully understand the construction team, aren\’t you? Can you use people to have a snack? Even if it\’s a lie, don\’t let people see it!\” Peng lingman didn\’t doubt it twice, but she liked Xing Chen. She would rather cheat herself than believe the facts. When Xing Chen saw her say so, he didn\’t have any expression, but changed his sitting position and didn\’t speak. Peng lingman was even more excited when he saw his attitude. But she was not an irrational person and took a deep breath. \”I\’ll go first.\” she got up, took her clothes and was ready to go out. Xing Chen stood up and stopped her and said, \”lingman, don\’t go first.\” he sighed, \”maybe my way of dealing with feelings is wrong, but I still think I have you in my heart.\” Peng lingman heard his words, pursed his lips, clenched his palm and didn\’t speak. She also hoped it was true, but what did she think? After Xing Chen was with her, a lot of things really happened, and it was inseparable from the construction team. She looked back at Xing Chen and looked at his firm face without any expression. Peng lingman\’s heart tightened and then shook off his hand. \”Xing Chen, I need to calm down myself. I\’m sorry.\” after that, she put on her clothes and left here. Xing Chen sighed and didn\’t go after her. He sat on the chair and frowned. He seemed to think of something, and then he took the document and left. The two parted unhappily at the meal. After Xing Chen left here, he went directly to a house and knocked on the door. But after a while, someone came to open the door. \”Come here.\” a man of about sixty opened the door for him. He has half white hair and looks very energetic. Even after dark, he still wears a decent Zhongshan suit. \”Secretary Qi.\” Xing Chen nodded to him.

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