After hearing the speech, Empress Dowager Yang just listened, and she had a deep grudge against empress dowager Cheng.

\”Didn\’t take it.\” Xu Weinan didn\’t even look at him and went back to his house. Zhang Dawei thought of the canteen aunt before work and said that someone threw three lunch boxes at noon. Isn\’t that the number of lunch boxes in their house? He got up and entered the house. Looking at Xu Weinan lying there motionless, he said, \”did you throw the lunch box in the canteen and didn\’t take it back!\” Xu Weinan still lay there without moving or talking. Zhang Dawei pulled her clothes up and said, \”I\’m talking to you!\” he didn\’t go to the house to uncover the tiles for three days. His mother was right. Women are cheap leather and can\’t move. Xu Weinan was angry when he pulled him, \”what are you doing! Let go!\” Then she tore Zhang Dawei\’s hand and tried to let him go. Zhang Dawei sneered, \”I ask you, did you throw away the lunch box?\” \”yes, I threw it away. Why?\” Xu Weinan yelled like a crazy woman there. The Wang family outside wanted to hear his son clean up his daughter-in-law, but she threw away all the lunch boxes. The lunch boxes cost three yuan each, and they also need an industrial ticket. This loser! \”Hit her! Loser, dare to throw anything!\” Wang scolded outside and dared not shout loudly. However, when Zhang Dawei was stunned, when he heard his mother say so, he slowed down. \”You loser!\” Zhang Dawei pulled Xu Weinan over and gave her a slap. Xu Weinan was also anxious, and the two wrestled. However, she was a woman, not as strong as Zhang Dawei. She could only scratch casually, but she was beaten all over. Zhang Dawei was even more angry when he saw that she dared to fight back, and hit her with all her strength. \”Let you throw it! Let you throw it! You loser old woman!\” Zhang Dawei scolded while fighting. The neighbors outside also heard Lao Zhang\’s chicken flying dog jumping and came to watch. As soon as Wang saw that there were more people outside, he went over and began to wipe his tears. \”Oh, God damn it, the new daughter-in-law threw away all the only lunch boxes in the family. Dawei was also angry and hit twice. Unexpectedly, the new daughter-in-law spilled the lunch boxes.\” when the neighbor heard that he threw away the lunch boxes, he lost his family. It was all bought with money.

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