Miss Shen, let\’s follow the old slave to do these actions. Mother Song said after looking at her.

Of course, Li Siyu is not for this, but she likes to eat another dish. Pumpkin stewed potatoes, this dish is salty and sweet, especially delicious. Another meat dish was served, two dishes were enough to eat, and a steamed bread was ordered as the staple food. \”Do you order so little enough?\” Peng lingman said disgustedly when he saw that she ordered so much food. Li Siyu nodded, \”that\’s enough, I\’m not very hungry.\” what\’s delicious about this thing? In the evening, I went back to roast prawns and drink beer. Peng lingman didn\’t ask much. Anyway, what to eat was also someone else\’s decision. If she says more, she seems a little nosy. Li Siyu ate a few mouthfuls of potatoes. He felt very delicious, salty and sweet of pumpkin. At this time, she looked up at Peng lingman and saw her staring at a trance. Li Siyu looked back at her and saw Secretary Qiu talking to Xing Chen for dinner. She looked back at Peng lingman. Secretary Qiu should be married. So what Peng lingman looked at was Xing Chen? Oh, roar, I found a little secret! When Peng lingman looked back, he just saw Li Siyu looking at her. Peng lingman was in a moment of panic and lowered his head to hide his emotions. Li Siyu: Oh, roar, sister, I see it all in my eyes. But she didn\’t expose it or tease Peng lingman. The feelings of this age are still very implicit. If Li Siyu really jokes her face to face, I\’m afraid Peng lingman will have a shadow in his heart. Peng lingman saw that Li Siyu didn\’t ask her. He breathed in his heart and thought she just glanced at her inadvertently. The two people had different thoughts, had dinner, and then waved goodbye. Li Siyu watched Peng lingman walk into the office and went upstairs. She\’s not very optimistic about this office relationship. It\’s not the president, man and woman. Office romance generally has no good results. Look at Peng lingman\’s appearance. She knows it in her heart, so she is in a state of secret love and doesn\’t express it. If the confession is rejected, you won\’t look at Xing Chen with admiring eyes. If he accepted, Peng lingman would not look at him like this. So Li Siyu is sure that Peng lingman is lovesickness. Xing Chen may know, but he didn\’t point it out. Of course, maybe people don\’t know it.

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