Shen Ling smelled the speech and pulled out a smile. She didn\’t complain much. Thank you, Mammy.

\”You\’re right. If you treat your milk better in the future, it will be better and happier.\” Li Chengcai nodded happily, \”that\’s necessary!\” follow my sister-in-law to eat meat and be good to our milk! Every day, the old lady brainwashed Li Chengcai. Li Siyu didn\’t have to say a word at all. Li Chengcai will listen to what she says and can do it. \”Aunt, I want to invite a colleague to dinner in the evening.\” Li Chengcai said, with a ruddy face. \”Why, where is the object?\” Li Siyu looked at his expression like. Sure enough, Li Chengcai\’s face turned red. \”No, it\’s not. There\’s no place, but I\’ve known each other for a few days.\” do you invite people to dinner after knowing each other for a few days? Chapter 91 must be delicious. Li Siyu is still very interested in inviting his colleagues to dinner. What kind of colleague are you? Usually she didn\’t see Li Chengcai getting close to anyone. Why did she suddenly have a good colleague? \”Do you look good?\” Li Siyu teased him deliberately. Li Chengcai was stumbling, unable to say a word, and his face was red. Li Siyu was speechless. This worthless boy, there\’s nothing wrong with it, just like a bear. If he\’s really a target, he won\’t let anyone take it? \”Do you want to eat at home?\” Li Siyu asked again. This time, Li Chengcai was able to speak.

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