Madam, if you put ling\’er\’s yard back, be sure to look at the atmosphere. he was excited. After all, his daughter would become his Majesty\’s only concubine. For a moment, she was very tolerant of Shen Ling.

For example, the reason for the birth of this valley, the scope of this valley, the secret place of this valley, the sealed place, is an area that appears on the surface, but there is another space below, which is the place where real immortals live! Liao Xingwen\’s goal is obviously to live in the immortal\’s residence. \”As long as I can find a residence and get some precious materials, my strength will not only be greatly improved, but also have the hope of stepping into the half immortal land!\” Liao Xingwen began to look for it in this valley with bright eyes. The murals do not directly describe how to enter the interior of the sealed place, but Liao Xingwen can understand it from some side words. After wandering around the valley, he unknowingly came to the location of the previous wooden house. Then Liao Xingwen looked around for a while. This place is close to mountains and rivers and has beautiful scenery. According to his previous feeling of walking and exploration, it should obviously belong to the most core place. The inner area of the sealed land should be here. But where? Liao Xingwen walked around, but he couldn\’t find any place that seemed to be the entrance. Just when he was frowning, bored and discouraged, suddenly, his eyes lit up and stared at the lake next to the cabin. Under the influence of ghosts and gods, Liao Xingwen approached and stood beside the lake. His eyes looked at it. Previously, he and Sima Xiangshan suffered a lot around the lake. Just thinking of the previous scenes of countless mosquitoes galloping, Liao Xingwen still has a shivering feeling until now. But this fear did not affect his judgment. His eyes looked carefully at the lake in front of him for a moment. Suddenly, his eyes were slightly round, and a touch of pure light appeared in his pupils. \”Jinghuashuiyue\” he whispered softly. Then Liao Xingwen squatted down and gently swung the water on the mirror like clean and clear lake with his right hand. He couldn\’t help but be stunned when he watched the water splash and the ripples on the surface of the lake. \”Eh?\” Fang Yang\’s eyebrows frowned slightly in the meditation. Although he put all his thoughts on the refining of Lei Qilin\’s essence, he could still vaguely feel some things happening outside. When he came into contact with Sima Xiangshan in the breath of Zhan Lingshui, he was very anxious. The secret road was bad and he was very anxious. He has personally understood the strength of Sima Xiangshan. It is not a level existence at all. Even in this strange Valley, it can limit the exertion of cultivation, but the foundation of Sima Xiangshan is here, and not everyone can be hostile. At least, Zhan Lingshui and Wansen who were seriously injured can\’t! \”It can\’t be refined completely.\”

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