It seems that I can\’t go to the palace frequently. If I offend him, my life is only one now. Shen Xian looked at the white jade hairpin and thought.

Even if Fang Yang\’s perseverance was tenacious, he felt that his eyes were black and his blood fainted directly. When he bit the tip of his tongue, he was forced to bear it by the sharp pain, but he was still dizzy in front of him. In a moment, the sweat fell dripping down and gathered into a small pool under Fang Yang. \”Really fucking pain\” in a daze, this is the clearest feeling Fang Yang has. Chapter 768 Fang Yang\’s exit. The fire fan vomited blood and was hit hard and flew out. In front of him, evil\’s huge body stood horizontally and was burly. The evil spirit is everywhere. The power of each blow is extremely terrible. Every shot will bring great damage to them. The cooperation of the fire fan four has been extremely tacit. With the help of wind and fire tactics, the power of wind and fire is diffuse. Under the explosion of fire, they have some restraint against evil spirits. But even with the cooperation of fire fan and wind dance, it is difficult to play much effect at this time. Under the diffuse explosion of the power of wind and fire, it hit the evil body and didn\’t even splash much spray. The existence of fourteen evil spirits has made evil, both its evil Qi and its defense, reach an extremely terrible level. Anyway, when the fire fan and wind dance hit him, they couldn\’t have much effect. When several attacks hit him in succession, the evil didn\’t hurt at all. On the contrary, he slapped him casually, which was enough for Fengwu and Fengwu. At this time, the fire fan vomited blood because it resisted the evil blow. The power between one slap was extremely surging. Under this slap, the fire fan felt a huge hammer chiseling on his chest, shaking his whole body. Moreover, the evil Qi unique to the evil spirit eroded their flesh and blood viscera and brought great damage to the fire fan. The fire fan was badly hit and fell to the ground. In the loud noise, his body also directly collapsed several tents. \”Fire fan!\” the wind dance several people exclaimed. Huofei looked ferocious and roared at the evil: \”you damn monster!! dare to hurt brother Huofan, I want you to die!!\” he was angry, his hands suddenly patted out, the anger in his palm was swirling, and he hit the evil heavily. But huofei\’s move seemed to have a strong momentum, but in fact, when he really hit the evil body, even his body couldn\’t push back half a step. The flame was like hitting a wall and was directly dispersed.

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