However, she thought that just because she had made her majesty angry, as long as she went to the flower feast to keep a low profile, I\’m afraid it would be just a false alarm. However, she still had to do something, Shen Ling thought.

Ding Xuan was full of confidence: \”I will naturally satisfy Lord Jiang with such a small matter.\” \”that\’s the best.\” Jiang Tianbing said. \”In that case, I\’ll go down and prepare. I\’ll give a satisfactory answer to Lord Jiang in five days at the latest.\” Ding Xuan said with an indifferent smile. Then he turned and walked out of the palace. Jiang Tianbing watched his body leave, and the peaceful color on his face turned into a cold and fierce. \”Evil spirit!\” two words spit out and float away for a long time. \”It\’s Fang Yang! Fang Yang is back!\” \”really, it\’s Fang Yang as expected.\” \”Fang Yang, you\’re back at last, but let\’s wait a while.\” \”this is Fang Yang who killed the three golden armor and cut Jiang Tianyan with a sword? Why is he so young.\” when Fang Yang came out of the transmission array and entered the Dragon cutting meeting with Shui qianrou, That is, they have been treated with different specifications from before. Everywhere they passed, people gathered, and they all saw Fang Yang strangely. They wanted to see with their own eyes whether the person who had caused such a storm recently had any three heads and six arms. As soon as Fang Yang walked out, he was also startled and looked helpless. You can also guess. It must be that Wang Shanming came back first. They have told all kinds of things they have done. In fact, there is no need to tell. The death of Jiang Tianyan and the defeat of the three golden armor have been making a lot of noise in the ice sea Dynasty recently. What shocked them was that the person who did such a great thing was in their dragon cutting club. Fang Yang had a small reputation in the Dragon cutting club some time ago, but at that time he was a \”coward who was afraid of death\”, which is quite the opposite of the current level. With Fang Yang\’s fame, his previous behaviors have also been defined as \”disdain\”, \”expert style\”, \”low-key behavior\” and so on, which is also embarrassing. \”Fang Yang!\” a cheer came from the crowd. Then he saw Li Ya\’s small body and rushed to Fang Yang in front of the baby swallow returning to the nest: \”you\’re all right, it\’s great!\” her small face was red and excited. Since she came back from Tianyan City, she has been worried about Fang Yang\’s safety. Even though it has been heard that Jiang Tianyan\’s death and the destruction of Jin Jia\’s general regiment are still difficult to complete his body and mind, for fear that Fang Yang and Jiang Tianyan will lose both sides.

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