At this time, Qian was also distracted. After being stunned for a moment, send the clothes made by master Yang to ling\’er and the winter beads to her.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Li mubai and Lu Erba took a short breath and hurriedly came to Fang Yang\’s side. After they scanned Fang Yang\’s body, they both felt cold. The trauma Fang Yang suffered at this time was absolutely the first time. His internal organs were broken and his meridians were broken, which was stronger than being eaten back when he killed his eyes, and even the light on the spirit was dimmed, The spirit is the core of martial arts. Once the spirit dies, all martial arts will die. But what\’s strange is that Fang yangmingming is so traumatized, but he still has a breath. Li mubai can vaguely feel a touch of vitality flowing in Fang Yang\’s body. The vitality is not strong, but it protects Fang Yang\’s heart and spirit and saves Fang Yang\’s life. But even if it is like this Fang Yang was almost like a vegetable. His eyes looked blankly ahead, and his occasional expression was only confusion. Li mubai shouted several times, but he couldn\’t get any response from Fang Yang. He was in pain for a while. Fang Yang paid too much. It was clear that he had the least experience and the shortest time to enter the netherworld channel, but he had the burden But it\’s several times more than them. Whether it\’s facing the enemy or killing thousands of evil demons, it can almost be said that it depends on Fang Yang\’s own strength. If Fang Yang wasn\’t there, they wouldn\’t know how many times they had been destroyed. \”No, Fang Yang, you can\’t die! You still have a lot to do!\” A touch of fortitude appeared on Li Mu\’s white face. He sat cross legged and broke the only trace of mysterious Qi in the inner house and crossed into Fang Yang\’s body. He hoped that with the help of this weak mysterious Qi, Fang Yang\’s body would be revitalized. Lu Er Ba also followed suit and sat down. Both of them did their best. They were already broken in the inner house, and the mysterious Qi remained in Fang Yang\’s body I can\’t help it. Even my injury may not be able to recover, but I resolutely ignore my determination to pass the mysterious Qi to Fang Yang. It can be seen what kind of determination I have made. But with such determination, the effect is very little. The two people\’s mysterious Qi poured into Fang Yang\’s body, just like a drizzle in the vast desert, which is difficult to improve the desert The body of Fang Yang is still in a state of drying up. If such a momentum continues, I\’m afraid it\’s really difficult to have vitality. Compared with the panic outside, Fang Yang is in an extremely empty state. He sits blankly, surrounded by boundless emptiness. The sky and the earth are white, there is no edge to see, and there are no scenery, only Fang Yang A man sits here. He seems to have been abandoned by the whole world, with no look in his eyes. Gradually, Fang Yang feels that the speed of his brain is decreasing rapidly, almost in a sticky state, and his brain seems to be filled with countless paste to prevent him from thinking. Not only that, but also the things he has experienced and the memory in his mind Rapidly decreasing.

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