However, it was just blame, but Shen Xian didn\’t refute the servant girl. Is what the servant girl said true?

At this time, the great Asura naturally did not restore all his strength, but even so, it was stronger than the soul devouring Luocha. Since the soul devouring Luocha awakened him, the great Asura has been in the dark water, replenishing his body and enhancing his cultivation with the help of evil Qi. He is fully awake today. The soul devouring Luocha saw that the great Asura woke up and was also determined. \”It\’s great to wake up at this time. The situation outside is not very good. It\’s a time of chaos,\” said soul devouring Luocha. The big Asura frowned when he heard the speech, and his anger was even more vigorous: \”what happened?\” the soul devouring Luocha said in a deep voice: \”blood demons and ghosts have been caught.\” \”what?\” the big Asura stared. Poison Luo was also surprised and said, \”how could such a thing happen suddenly. The ghost is long standing between the cracks of the nether world, and few people should be able to oppose him.\” \”it\’s the divine operator! The priest refined a divination talisman. Without being prompted by the mysterious Qi, he collected the ghost Qi of the ghost and held it tightly. I\’m afraid he can\’t escape.\” soul devouring Luo Cha said angrily. \”What about the blood devil? The blood devil hasn\’t joined us up to now. Isn\’t he always recovering his strength? I heard that his strength has recovered very well, with a level of about 50% in his heyday.\” poisonous Luo asked again. Soul devouring Luocha shook his head: \”I don\’t know much about this, but I know that it was also done by the people summoned by the God operator.\” \”these martial artists are really hateful!\” poisonous Luo was angry. Great Asura was silent, and his anger almost turned into substance. He snorted coldly, like thunder on the ground. \”The blood devil is too arrogant. He can\’t accomplish enough and can\’t defeat more. After liberation, he doesn\’t know to meet us. He rashly entrusted us. It\’s more than worthy of death to be caught!\” said the great Asura. Soul devouring Luocha echoed: \”what elder brother said is that the blood devil has always refused to obey us for a long time. Whether he comes or not, it has no impact on us. Please give instructions on what we should do next.\” \”where is the thousand faced evil fox?\” said big Ashura. \”She has gone deep into the arms of the enemy camp to help us inquire about the news.\” the soul devouring Luocha replied, \”she also got a lot of useful information. The group of martial artists led by the divine operator seem to want to introduce the Emperor Ming into the yin-yang immortal hall.\” \”the Yin-Yang immortal hall? It\’s a good idea! It\’s bad for the Emperor Ming. Why should we go there?\” Great Asura was noncommittal. The soul devouring Luocha\’s face was heavy: \”under normal circumstances, we will not be fooled by this, but they have a boy in public with the smell of the emperor of the underworld, and should have the medium of the complete recovery of the emperor of the underworld.\” \”what? What are you talking about?\”

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