Li Siyu had this idea before, but also considered this situation.

\”You, you must use some xuanbing! I won\’t admit defeat!\” Luo Sheng roared with shame. He saw that the jade color between his hands became more and more transparent, and gradually turned into a transparent color, which was the performance of urging his jade hands to the extreme. His hands together, a five-color streamer wrapped around his hands, and then suddenly stretched forward and photographed them heavily. Boom! The sun cover vibrated violently, and ripples spread out one after another, almost to the horse The upper part of the collapsed, but under the strong pure Yang Xuanqi, it was maintained. After a few violent tremors, the big sun mask returned to calm, and still failed to break the \”I don\’t accept it!\” Luo Sheng roared. At this time, the dark Qi in his body was consumed by 30%, and he still didn\’t have an inch of skill. For a hot-blooded young man who was confident in his own strength and determined to become famous, he was a little hurt. Luo Xiaoyu and the martial arts practitioners of the Luo family were also surprised. They also knew Luo Sheng\’s strength. Apart from experience, Luo Sheng was able to improve his accomplishments alone He ranked in the top ten of Luo\’s family. Even he was more confident in his strength. He felt that the reason why he had not appeared on the Dragon list was that he had not done anything earth shaking and was not famous enough. But the scene in front of him was really strange. He made such an effort to attack and didn\’t get any results. At this time, a burst of loud laughter sounded. \”Little brother Fang Yang, don\’t tease my children.\” One side, Huang Mei accompanied a mellow middle-aged man to come slowly. With the strength of their spirits, the island was not big. When they felt the fluctuation of Xuanqi, they naturally knew what was happening here. They were going to deal with it as a small fight, but they didn\’t expect Fang Yang\’s \”don\’t fight back\” His behavior was so amazing that Luo Xiaoyan was afraid that it would hurt his children\’s martial arts heart. He called Huang Mei to appear here. Huang Mei smiled and said to Fang Yang, \”is it fun to bully the younger generation?\” Fang Yang had opened his eyes and smelled that his face was innocent: \”I didn\’t fight back because I didn\’t want to bully.\” Huang Mei turned over her eyes mercilessly. She is not bullied. She can\’t show her brute force, but she is more bullied than you. \”Dad.\”

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