Holding back her impulse, she looked at the defective product on the other side.

After feeling almost strolling, Fang Yang said to Xiao Yi, \”you go back with sister Yu first. I have something to do, okay?\” the hesitation on the small side flashed away. To be fair, she felt more at ease to stay next to Fang Yang, but Xiao Yi was precocious and sensible since childhood. Seeing that Fang Yang said so, she hesitated, nodded and promised. \”What are you going to do?\” Yu hongdie asked. \”You can\’t always be an idle person when you buy some useful things.\” Fang Yang smiled. Yu hongdie didn\’t ask, \”let\’s wait for you back. Do you know the way back?\” \”no problem.\” Fang Yang replied. After several people left, Fang Yang returned to a luxurious Pavilion he had passed before. The four storey Pavilion, carved beams and painted buildings, is extremely conspicuous in a low building shuiya city. This place is called \”Wanyao building\” , is the place with the most medicinal materials in shuiya city. The background is also quite extraordinary. It has the medicine King\’s Pavilion ranked among the top 100 in the Tianxuan list as the background. When you enter the pavilion, you can see that there are all kinds of medicine cabinets on the first floor, including some extremely rare things. Fang Yang turns around and finds a little boy and says: \”I have some rare medicinal materials that I want to buy. I wonder if you have them?\” the person who can be a servant in the Wanyao building is also a human spirit. He is good at soliciting customers. When Fang Yang said this, he immediately smiled and said: \”Sir, don\’t worry, we have everything in the Wanyao building. As long as there is something in the world, we have it.\” \”well, do you have paper and pen?\” Fang Yang said. \”Paper and pen?\” The young man was stunned, then looked at Fang Yang\’s appearance without any Xuanqi, frowned slightly, but said politely, \”of course, wait a minute.\” A moment later, he took out the paper and Fang Yang thought quietly. A moment later, he wrote like a God and quickly listed a series of medicinal materials on the paper. At first, I just looked at it with a funny mind. After all, Fang Yang has no mysterious Qi and looks like an ordinary person. What valuable things can the medicinal materials listed be? Although Fang Yang wrote, each piece of spiritual materials After the name was recorded, the look on the boy\’s face became wonderful. \”Jiubu grass is said to be highly toxic. Smell the poison spreading all over the body during the nine steps. It is colorless and tasteless. You will die if you see it.\” \”The venom of the one tailed scorpion. The one tailed scorpion is a special alien, which has always been rare. Due to its natural deformity and lack of body protection double pliers, the dark Qi of the whole body gathers on the tail thorn, and the toxin is enough to melt through the dark soldiers.\” \”three fugu, a strange monster growing in the ghost water\” All sorts of things are listed below. Each one of them is extremely rare. Not to mention having seen it, even his name is extremely rare. I still stay in the ten thousand Medicine Building for a long time and have seen some rare things, but I can only recognize one or two of the spiritual materials written by Fang Yang. Even so, he will not think that Fang Yang wrote indiscriminately, because only the ones he recognized It\’s so extraordinary that it\’s impossible for anyone to come out blindly. Another key factor is why all are poisons?

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