Lin Cheng looked at the sound of closing the door, vaguely tried to open his eyes, but then he fainted.

When Fang Yang saw this thing, he first thought of the huge Python next to the beast emperor CHEN Si in the bone tooth mountains. In front of him, the black Python should belong to the same species, but it is twice as big as CHEN Si\’s one! Its mysterious Qi is even more terrible, and has reached the middle of the early Yang state. The anaconda in the middle of the early Yang state with ancient blood! The strength of this mountain swallowing Python is definitely not under the colorful real Luan! At the thought of this place, Fang Yang was terrified. Let alone in the ancient cave of the real dragon, his own strength was suppressed, but the big demon living here was nourished by the Dragon Qi and became more and more powerful. Even if he fought fairly outside, Fang Yang\’s chance of winning with the python was only fifty-five. I\’m afraid it\’s a little crazy to kill the python by Fang Yang\’s means. \”I\’m so fucked that there\’s such a monster hiding here!\” Fang Yang scolded. At this time, the mountain swallowing Python couldn\’t bear it. With a big mouth, his head collapsed like a huge rock and fell in front of them. \”Go!\” Fang Yang pulled up the water and drank angrily. If you fight with this big guy, there must be hundreds of harm but no benefit! Boom! The two of Fang Yang had just retreated thirty steps. The place where they stood before was the place where the rubble burst, countless huge stones burst out and smoke and dust rose everywhere. The impact force of tunshan Python is so terrible that even strong rocks such as abyss and valley are difficult to resist. Under the impact, a huge pit three feet deep directly appeared on the ground. Fang Yang had no doubt that if he had not left before, he would have resisted with a big sun mask. Even if he had a strong body, his internal organs were crushed and his flesh and blood collapsed. Since he decided to retreat, Fang Yang didn\’t hesitate. He galloped back with thousands of water and softness. They were fast enough, but this mountain swallowing Python was not backward at all. Every time Fang Yang just got up, It fell heavily on its hind feet. Here, between the canyons, there was a constant roar. Every time it hit and fell, it brought large pieces of gravel, and the place it passed was in a mess. Fang Yang\’s escape was extremely dangerous, and they even had no chance to turn around and attack. Fortunately, as the place where the mountain swallowing Python lives, the abyss is broad enough and has a large area. The two of Fang Yang fled. Fang Yang simply held Shui qianrou in his arms when he came to the back, and the tip of his foot is light, which is a few feet away. However, the mountain swallowing Python is like a bone maggot, but it doesn\’t fall at all, and has the posture of never giving up until he kills them. \”Shit, it\’s really troublesome.\” Fang Yang was annoyed. The power of his spirit worked and explored around again and again to find out if there was any place to live. However, it was difficult to stop the attack of mountain swallowing Python at the cracks in the boulder mountain. Basically, when the head of mountain swallowing Python was hit, their shelter disappeared in an instant. Before long, Fang Yang had fled a hundred miles away. The side of the rock wall is getting higher and higher, and the rocks are dark. Suddenly, his spirit stagnated, vaguely aware of a strange smell. Fang Yang immediately kept in shape and ran towards the position where the strange smell was emitted. However, a hundred feet away, the canyon and rocks in front of him suddenly opened up, and a cave enough to accommodate more than ten people appeared in Fang Yang\’s vision

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