Several people chatted for a while and made an appointment to have dinner. Because Li Siyu didn\’t know the specific location of the state-owned hotel, Tao Dan volunteered to pick her up from work.

There were twenty-five people in total. Without any chance to fight, they were all destroyed under the raid of Fang Yang and Wang Wu. While they shot, Hejie and Yuanliang, who were waiting for Fang Jing in front of the mountain stream, also instantly felt the fluctuation of pure Yang Xuanqi. They suddenly opened their eyes and changed their complexion slightly. \”No! Someone made a surprise attack. It was the pure Yang Xuanqi of the pure Yang sect? How could it be? How could they get close here unconsciously?\” Yuan Liang\’s face changed greatly. There was a roar. For a moment, under his perception, the breath of more than 20 flying dove troops disappeared. \”Damn it!! dare to kill my flying dove army, Chunyang Zhenzong boy, you will all die here!\” Yuan Liang and Jie were furious. As soon as they started, they immediately went behind the mountain stream. They wanted to see who they were and could suddenly come close to their flying dove army. In the mountain stream, after the pure Yang Xuan Qi detonated outside, several people also set off quickly after the long-awaited wind without trace. \”Rush out!\” Feng Wuji shouted fiercely and took the lead. Chunyang Xuanqi protected him up and down and went towards the back of the mountain stream. A line of six people also followed him, leaving only five disciples of Chunyang Zhenzong headed by Zhang Mo still here. Zhang Mo was the man who yelled fiercely before. He saw that they rushed out and sneered: \”a group of idiots, there is only a dead end to rush out! Rush, rush, you\’d better not die too fast and lead those people away. At that time, we will have a chance to live.\” \”yes! Hey, let them be bait.\” the remaining people also sneered. The divine wind blade less array plate has fallen into the hands of the five of them. They deliberately compressed the scope of the Dharma array. In addition, the five people\’s mysterious Qi crossed into it in turn, so they can stick to it for one more hour. As soon as the seven people rushed, they quickly rushed to the back of the mountain stream. \”Yang Huo!\” \”senior brother Wang Wu!\” the seven people looked at Fang Yang and Wang Wu. They saw a mess behind the mountain stream. Where Chunyang Xuanqi passed, it was like a fire swept through, the mountains and stones were scorched and the trees were burned. The more than 20 flying dove troops had already died and could not die any more. Fang Yang and Wang Wu stood in front of the mountain stream. After seeing them, Feng Wuji and others all looked light. They only felt the hope of rebirth. But before they were happy, a dark shadow swept through the air and a loud drink came. \”Damn it! Sure enough, you two guys are weird. I didn\’t see it. You\’ve been in my flying dove army for so long. Now you all die here!\” Yuan Liang recognized Fang Yang and Wang Wu\’s identity at once. He was furious. His hands moved, and the dark smell diffused out. It turned into a virtual shadow of a beast and pressed down on the people\’s heads. Wang Wu\’s complexion changed slightly, his hands moved continuously, and the palm power of pure Yang and Xuanqi came out. The fight between the two martial artists in the early Yang realm was very powerful. Under the continuous shock, there were large waves around. When the two fought, another figure came out. It was another Hejie in the early Yang state.

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