Chapter 36 trouble making

Fang Yang\’s face was cold, and his claw strength ran through. He was also indifferent, and his voice shouted, \”is that how you do things in the ash finch mountain, regardless of the color?\” under the cry, Fang Yang took out the Blackwater sword, the black light surged on the blade, and the thunder and fire burst out and blessed it on the blade. \”Thunder and fire sword!\” As soon as Fang Yang drank, the sword blade in his hand came out from bottom to top. Wheezing. The thunder fire sword Qi broke away from the body and shook the surrounding air into a huge sword Qi roaring attack. Roaring! The thunder fire sword Qi hit the claw strength and burst continuously as soon as it touched. The violent dark Qi scattered everywhere. Fang Yang couldn\’t give full play to his strength because he only used the thunder fire sword He came out and suffered a small loss in this move. His body trembled. His feet nailed to the ground plowed two deep marks, and he was backed back more than ten feet in one breath. However, the claw strength on the other side dissipated and slowly disappeared. \”This!\” Zhuang Yisha struck out with one claw. He thought he was going to die, but suddenly saw this scene and his expression was stunned. He was blocked? There was a light in Wumeng\’s eyes and looked at Fang Yang in shock. This boy is really the peak of concentration? He clearly understands the strength of Zhuang Yisha. Even if he is no worse than himself, he is not much better than himself, let alone the peak of concentration , even in the early days of the empty and dark realm, he could not stop his move. But now the boy is not simple! Zhuang Yisha didn\’t kill Fang Yang with a blow. After a little stunned, he burst again, with mysterious Qi surging and Yin Qi hovering between his five fingers. \”Dad!\” wuque\’er shouted anxiously. Wumeng woke up like a dream, changed his mind and immediately shouted, \”stop!\” He moved, stood horizontally in front of Zhuang Yisha, and blocked the attack just gathered by the other party: \”don\’t make a move until you come to a conclusion. Go back to the top of the mountain.\” \”big brother!\” Zhuang Yisha was stunned, and then shouted in a hurry. He didn\’t expect that Wumeng would stop him from killing a boy in a state of concentration.

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