The man hesitated for a moment and set off to lift the rice onto the cart.

After all, Heiya is the top martial artist in the empty and dark world. His own strength has reached a very high level. Even Fang Yang\’s angry eye sword can hit him hard, but he didn\’t kill his capital. But even so, it is enough for Fang Yang. What he wants is something on black teeth! On Fang Yang\’s arm, there was a brilliant ring between his little fingers, which was the storage ring. \”Fang Yang! You dare to break my arm, I will kill you, kill you!!\” black Fang screamed angrily. He covered the broken arm with one hand and looked at Fang Yang ferociously. He is a martial artist at the peak of the empty and dark realm and the city master of Wusha city. He was the first to suffer such a great humiliation. He was cut off by a boy who only concentrated on the peak of the realm. If he can\’t wash it, how should he be mixed in the future. \”Black tooth regiment listens to the order! Now come and kill Fang Yang! In any case, you can\’t let the boy escape!!\” with his roar, black tooth regiment, who was still attacking several corpses in the distance, rushed over together. When they saw Fang Yang\’s arm and the tragedy of black tooth, they looked surprised. The head lost? What\’s the matter? I was cut off by this martial artist who only had the peak of concentration realm? When they were stunned, they also reacted abruptly and attacked Fang Yang without leaving their hands. Xu Lao was filled with mysterious earth attributes, and shouted angrily, \”Fang Yang boy, dare to hurt our leader, I see where you are going!\” Yu Qiufeng also moved her hands, twisted and floating the strange markings on her bare skin, turning into fresh insect lives and waving her teeth and claws at Fang Yang. Fang Yang was in a very bad state at this time. After a sword, his strength decreased by as much as 50%. Seeing that everyone was surrounded and his goal had been achieved, he would not stay here anymore. The pure Yang Xuan Qi in his hand turned and burned black tooth\’s broken arm to ashes. Then he grabbed black tooth\’s storage ring and quickly retreated. \”Catch up with him!\” black teeth shouted angrily. The warrior of the black tooth group pressed up. \”Fang Yang! This way!\” at this time, Fang Yang heard sun Manzi\’s voice and looked around. He saw several people also get out and wave to Fang Yang. Fang Yang moved and rushed directly to the side of several people. \”Your boy is really powerful. He can hit black teeth hard!\” sun Manzi said in surprise. Zhan Chu said, \”as soon as the black tooth regiment withdrew, many corpses and ghosts were liberated. They continued to ferry their mysterious Qi into the coffin again. It should be almost right away.\”

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