Zhang Xuewen said to his stepdaughter sitting on the side, Xueqin, how about the Li Siyu in your office?

Fang Yang\’s face was cold. Liu was not afraid of the four men\’s action, but he didn\’t expect that Zheng Hei didn\’t think about how to unite against the enemy in this situation. He even wanted to let them die first. It was a sin of his own. \”Just you? Can you?\” Fang Yang didn\’t want to be dull and said tit for tat. \”Hmm?\” Zheng Hei glared. \”Kid, I don\’t like you! I don\’t want to suffer. I advise you to listen to me honestly. Maybe you can spare your life when I break the ghost water curtain, or you\’ll die here!\” fool, come on. \”Fang Yang scolded. Zheng Hei was so angry that he was even calculated by the four of Liu Buhui. Now a little guy in the later stage of concentration dare to provoke himself! What is his majesty! \”If you want to die, I\’ll help you! Look, I\’ll break your head and serve this giant bear as food!\” Zheng Hei roared violently, holding a black axe in both hands, and cut it off heavily on Fang Yang\’s head. Split Huashan! With the support of his violent and mysterious Qi, the blow was powerful and powerful, as if he really wanted to break the rocks directly. Zheng and Hei can have the name of \”black plum\” and \”black plum\”. Naturally, they are not a simple generation. In terms of strength, they are also good players at the peak of concentration. But it is limited to this. You know, they are facing Fang Yang! Fang Yang\’s face was cold. The pure Yang and mysterious Qi in his house flowed rapidly between the meridians as if boiling, and then emerged in the right palm along his right arm. A mass of hot pure Yang Xuan Qi rotates wildly, forming a fiery fireball. Tianyang Fire Dance! After the fireball was compressed and condensed to the extreme, with Fang Yang\’s right hand, the fireball suddenly flew out, centered on Zheng Hei\’s axe, and the two strong Qi collided and burst. Rumble! The fireball burst into countless flames, and Zheng Hei\’s axe couldn\’t even resist the powerful force of pure Yang. Listening to the click sound, countless cracks had been opened on his axe. As for him, his body trembled and flew upside down. People gushed blood in mid air, and finally hit the water curtain. \”Sunspot!\” the woman who was watching a good play and waiting for Zheng Hei to kill Fang Yang screamed and ran over in panic.

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