Zhang Xuewen nodded. Well, it\’s really late today. There\’s a little delay.

Fang Yang\’s anger grew stronger, not to mention insult. At this time, Fang Yang felt that his dignity seemed to have been trampled on by the young man in front of him. The other party looked at him with an undisguised contempt. The other party didn\’t care about himself at all and didn\’t kill himself directly, just because he was afraid that his father would spend more money. This naked contempt made Fang Yang feel that his blood was boiling. When Fang Yang was humiliated in the last life, this feeling of contempt even made Fang Yang feel more angry than when he faced Fang Tian in the Fang family. \”Ling Xuan, you mean it, you are already a triple monk in Lingwu territory, and let Fang Yang fight with you. What do you say?\” at this time, Tang still suddenly shouted angrily. \”Hum! His own strength is inferior to others. Who does he depend on? The world is like this. Strength is the most important thing. It\’s strange that he doesn\’t have this strength and is blind.\” Ling Xuan replied impolitely. At this point, Ling Xuan\’s mouth filled with a sneer: \”Fang Yang, think for yourself. Promise me or continue to show off with your broken turtle shell.\” \”Ling Xuan, I\’ll fight you!\” Tang still looked at Ling Xuan and hummed coldly. \”It\’s OK, it doesn\’t matter.\” Ling Xuan said indifferently. \”Still, step back.\” Fang Yang\’s voice rang out slowly. After looking at Fang Yang, Tang still flashed an urgent look on his face: \”Fang Yang, you\’re not his opponent.\” Fang Yang smiled and patted Tang\’s shoulder gently: \”There are some things that men can\’t retreat, and women just need to stay behind men.\” Hearing the speech, Tang was still stunned. Looking at Fang Yang\’s smile, Tang still had to admit that Fang Yang had a lot of charm at this time. Fang Yang\’s words seemed like a man trying to be brave, but they were completely different from those brave and stupid men. Fang Yang\’s temperament changed all this, but Tang was still not a vase after all. He soon changed from that kind of infatuation He calmed down and quickly shook his head and said, \”Fang Yang, are you kidding? This is not the time for you to show off your strength. I said you are not his opponent!\” \”believe me, as long as this guy keeps his promise, we will go down the mountain in a moment.\” Fang Yang smiled gently, looked at Tang and said faintly. \”Hiss!\” Tang still wanted to say something more, but the next second Tang still\’s face changed. Just the last second, Fang Yang\’s hands suddenly changed when Fang Yang\’s voice fell. Tang still had no time to respond, so he clicked on Tang still. Then Tang still felt that his meridians were sealed and couldn\’t move at all! It wasn\’t Tang Yi However, Fang Yang was still too close to Tang, and Tang didn\’t expect Fang Yang to be like this at all. This sudden scene surprised everyone present. Even Ling Xuan couldn\’t help raising his eyebrows, but soon Ling Xuan\’s eyes recovered their previous contempt: \”Seriously, it\’s not good for you to be so brave. You and the only hope that you can walk away are also buried in your hands. You might as well let me still play. Although I don\’t want to fight with her, it doesn\’t matter to me, as long as the final result is as I think.\” Ling Xuan said here, he paused deliberately and looked at a strange light in Fang Yang\’s eyes: \”Take her and kill you!\”

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