Li Siyu has been looking at the account book in his hand. After thinking about it, he took out the blank account book and began to write and draw.

Xi\’er, it\’s time for you to make up and comb your hair. You have to go out to salute later. Jane Xinyan\’s gentle voice sounded. She stood beside her daughter and stroked her soft and straight black hair. \”Yes! Xi\’er, even if you don\’t need the maid\’s makeup, hurry up if you want to do it yourself. It\’s time for the letter star to pick you up later.\” Yuan\’s mother\’s trembling voice showed her restlessness in her heart. Jane Xinyan didn\’t doubt yuan Ma\’s slight gaffe. She thought she just regarded Jian Xi as her own granddaughter, but she never thought that Jian Xi\’s core was actually yuan Ma\’s biological daughter. Jane Xi will keep this secret for a lifetime, because it is already the case. Telling Jane Xinyan and Jane\’s grandfather and grandmother Fang is to let them really experience the pain of losing a close relative. This decision is also made by Yuan\’s father and mother with the help of Yuan Xi. Anyway, Jian Xi never thought about leaving yuan\’s parents. They will always live together. Both sides are her close relatives, not one less. Jian Nan also came to attend Jian Xi\’s wedding. He disappeared for so long. Even in the seal war, he didn\’t appear. He has been closed in a very hidden place. After leaving the customs, he heard about the event that caused a sensation in the whole continent. He rushed here nonstop. Finally, he arrived yesterday. Send him a treasure he got in that secret place. His expression was also unprecedentedly excited. His little granddaughter was really married, but it made him have a vague reluctance to give up, as if his child who had been in pain had been robbed. When Jane Nan came here yesterday, her eyes were red. Jane Xi was the one who helped her the most and cared about her most since she embarked on the road of cultivating immortals. Without Jane Nan, I\’m afraid there is no Jane Xi. It\’s today\’s achievement. Jane Xi respected him, thanked him, and connected all this with her family. At this time, Jane Nan was still waiting outside with Grandpa Jane, Fang Qinghai, Fang Hongyuan, and a group of young people. In the inner room of Nuo University, in addition to the maid, there are a group of sisters such as Jian Xinyan, Yuan Ma, grandma Fang, Fang Qinglian, Ruonan, Yuanyuan, Yu Shanshan, Tong Tong and long linger. Even if the room is large, it still looks very lively. You make fun of Jian Xi as a bride. If Nan and Yuanyuan still do it themselves, they begin to make up for Jian Xi\’s bride. Jane Xi herself is already a rare beauty in the mainland. The foundation is so good that they have been busy for a long time. They just put on light makeup for her, but she looks better and looks a lot more happy. People just look at it and seem to be fascinated by her charming appearance. When Ruo Nan and Yuanyuan ran away and Jian Xi turned around and looked at the women\’s dependents in the whole room, all they had left was the sound of breathing. For a long time, long linger tutted and said, \”I said Xi\’er, are you going to fascinate us! We are both women! We are all like this. You can\’t let those men turn into wolves?\” \”Xi\’er, I found that I was fascinated by you, and I\’m going to fall in love with you.\” Ruo Nan looked at Jane Xi around him and said intoxicated in his eyes. \”I don\’t have that tendency to go. I want to find a fat man in your house.\” Jane poked Ruo man under his arm with regret, which made her itch and jump away. \”Xi\’er, it\’s not just Ruo man! I don\’t think I can see enough of you! Otherwise, discuss with Han Xing. I\’ll marry you today and let him go aside? Really, this little face is popular!\” Yu Shanshan pinched Jian Xi\’s pink and tender face and flirted frivolously. \”I\’ll touch it, too. WOW! It feels so good!\” Tong Tong also came forward to join the fun. Only Yuanwen stood quietly smiling and watched Jane Xi being bullied by the girls. \”Shanshan and Tong Tong, I\’ll tell Xinyu and Shao Yanyong what you said later to see how they deal with you two. Hey, hey, let you come back at this time and see how I can return it when you get married.\” Jane Xi wrinkled a lovely little nose, waved her fist and tried to hit them. They ran away with a smile, Jane Xi has stood up and wants to chase after her. She is also smiling and pulled back to her seat by Jane Xinyan. \”Come on, don\’t make trouble. Comb your hair quickly. We\’re not good at this. Let the maid come.\” they are not good at those complex hairstyles. They usually come in a simple way.

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