At the window, Li Siyu looked at the blackboard and quickly reported the dish name.

The wind tube of divine knowledge blade is a master of divine knowledge, which is comparable to the rescue period. Now, the sea of demon cultivation\’s knowledge has become a storm of divine knowledge, which has swept into the human shaped yuan God of demon cultivation. The devil cultivation didn\’t have 90% of his mind to deal with the two core disciples of xuantianzong in front of him. He didn\’t take precautions against Jian Xi\’s silent sneak attack. When he warned, it was too late, and the sea was covered by the powerful divine storm. At this time, the yuan God had no strong * to rely on. The weak one was very small. Just in a moment, Jian Xi killed and swallowed up his yuan God, not only destroyed each other, but also strengthened himself. All the God knowledge storms suddenly contracted and reunited, and finally condensed into a group, rushed out of the demon cultivation knowledge sea, and flew back to Jian Xi\’s knowledge sea in an instant and drilled into his own yuan God, At this time, the body shape of the yuan God changed dramatically immediately. That group of flying back divine consciousness, wrapped with the most original and pure energy of all the original gods of demon cultivation, flew back. Not only did their own divine consciousness not consume a little, but also the original and pure energy of demon cultivation grew stronger. Yuanshen\’s body is more congealed and full of essence. The humanoid Yuanshen opens his eyes. It turned out to be brilliant. At this time, Jane Xi had clearly felt that her knowledge of the sea had grown again. Such a harvest surprised Jane Xi. But she likes such accidents. I didn\’t expect Buddhist things to work so well. Before killing these demons, I really didn\’t know how to deal with those residual souls. Most of them were destroyed together, and a few were able to escape to heaven, but I don\’t know whether they can survive, because they are residual souls and can\’t reincarnate, so they can only be decomposed into the most basic energy of heaven and earth. Now, there will be a way to deal with the remnant souls controlled by these demons in the future. They can also earn merit. Why not? It is estimated that these skills will be of great use in the future. The smart Jian Xi immediately thought of this level. However, after today, Jian Xi is really interested in hunting and killing demon Xiu, that is, he can help Qi Jiexin, kill these scum, and earn merit. It\’s cost-effective to kill three birds with one stone. After turning into a corpse and falling to the ground, Zuo canhua took away the ring. He really didn\’t know how the demon Xiu died. Then he saw another scene that made him stunned. The solemn Scripture was spitted out in Jian Xi\’s mouth, which actually made those residual souls get rid of the evil spirit that had penetrated into the soul and complete the incomplete soul. It seems that they can also enter the six samsara, Reincarnation. What is this skill? How can you go against the sky like this? Never heard of such a spell? This question is not only left canhua\’s, but also everyone\’s. Jane Xi looked so solemn at that time. Her whole body was shrouded in a layer of golden light. It was sacred and inviolable, and even made people have an impulse to worship. What kind of person is this nun! Jane Xi a flame has shot at the muddy corpse of magic Xiu falling on the ground. She won\’t let people see magic Xiu, study the cause of his death, and then fly towards the inn. When Jian Xi had entered the inn with only six intact rooms, Zuo canhua woke up and chased the inn. Jane Xi moved out the four old and six young. In her room, the array was still there. She stopped Zuo canhua and his five younger martial brothers outside. Zuo canhua stood outside the door and said: \”Younger martial sister, it\’s good for Zuo to go in and give a gift to younger martial sister. It was just Zuo\’s improper words that led to a misunderstanding. On weekdays, Zuo is not very good at talking. This time, he\’s rude to younger martial sister. He deserves to die. Please allow Zuo to thank him personally for saving his life and be modest to you for this matter. How to punish him? Follow her wishes?\” Zuo canhua is very sincere this time. At the moment of chasing Jane Xi, he also sent a message to several younger martial brothers and told them that he really didn\’t mean what they understood. They misunderstood Jane Xi. Several people in the back looked ashamed and stood outside the door with their heads down. Jane Xi\’s divine knowledge swept their faces and looked into their eyes. She saw that they were really sincere this time. She looked a little slower. Anyway, she still made money this time, didn\’t she? In the future, everyone is the same door. They look down all day and don\’t look up. There\’s no need to be so stiff. After thinking about it, they wave their hands, open the array and door, and say in a clear tone: \”senior brother Zuo is serious. Please come in.\”. Zuo canhua looked happy and took everyone to Jian Xi\’s door. The array closed again behind them. Zuo canhua was also an eye-catching person. At a glance, he saw that the array was not simple, at least level 5 to level 6. Otherwise, he could not protect these rooms and was intact in their war. Looking up here, it\’s actually a single family yard with six rooms. It can be said that the array protects this single small yard and retains a complete building. In the yard, there is only a big tree full of white flowers. This tree will not bear fruit, but can only blossom. Its aroma is charming and can only be used for viewing.

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