Mom, let\’s have a meal tomorrow and one day later. Li Siyu couldn\’t bear to look at the whole family.

In that ring, Jane Xi placed several sets of six level array flags, and she didn\’t count many kinds of pills, including five and six. Almost all of them are three circles of pills. If they are sold, it\’s a sky high price! \”Now I can only refine level 6 array flag and arrange level 6 array; the pill can also refine the top of level 6. However, I think I\’m not far from level 7 alchemist. Don\’t you know if your men are credible?\” Jane Xi asked. \”Believable, all my men will not have spies, because I have this.\” Qi Jiehan star pointed to Jian Xi\’s forehead, and a large amount of information entered her mind. It was the ancient three secrets of controlling the soul. All the information of these three secrets passed to Jian Xi\’s mind. When Qi Jiehan star had no reservation about her. \”This\” Jane Xi was shocked. She didn\’t expect that there was such a secret method against the sky in the world. It was almost against the sky to control the friars. At this time, she believed what qijiehanxing said was true. So I felt relieved and said, \”if I were a level 7 alchemist, I would send some pills to you by the means you told me. Since these people are reliable, I don\’t worry that these pills will be hidden privately.\”. \”You don\’t have to work so hard. The pill is left for you to use. The resources of cultivation are very important to every monk. I have my own channels to obtain these resources.\” Qi Jiehan star doesn\’t want to carve her arms into the bone marrow. The woman she believes is too hard. \”I promise you to send you the pills left over from my cultivation. Is it always OK?\” \”Well, good\” \”Your father, didn\’t he look for you?\” Jane thought about it and asked Qi Jie Xunyuan, the father of the first man of the magic door. After all, a legendary figure, but she didn\’t show up for a long time. She was also curious. \”No, I haven\’t seen him for almost ten years. According to my stepmother Liu Peirong, he is closed, and no one is seen. He says that he is the most important level and raises the Xia to soar. But for ten years, there is no news, and I don\’t know whether it is successful or not. Now I only know that the whole demon gate seems to be controlled by my stepmother and his two sons. It\’s difficult The former elders were also left idle by their mother and son, and the magic door was no longer the former magic door. \”Qi Jiexing\’s tone was very flat, as if he had never had a towel gourd relationship with the magic door. \”What about the magic cultivation? What\’s the matter? It seems that the magic cultivation is more terrible than the people of the magic door. I\’ve met it several times. Even the fairy grass secret place has infiltrated a lot of magic cultivation, but the real alchemists of the magic door are very few, there are only less than 30 people, but they don\’t have much loss in it. There are 21 people out of all factions The one who lost the least in the Department, but I killed several of them myself, but they were all spies who mingled with other sects. Now I\’ve confused the demons and demons. Are they related? Or is it not? \”Jane Xi raised her head and stared at Qi Jiehan\’s handsome face full of masculinity with clear and clean eyes. \”According to my current investigation, they should have some contact, but how and through what contact is unknown. Now we can\’t say that the magic door is innocent. They must be inextricably connected with those magic practitioners, and they will not lose my stepmother and two younger brothers. I can\’t say what connection they will have with the people among them, but all this I have to wait until I slowly confirm. \”What Qi Jiexing hasn\’t said is,\” there\’s still a father who hasn\’t appeared in those ten years. Does he know what his stepmother did to him? \” Chapter 487 temporary separation \”Then be careful. Some of your demons can show more powerful strength than your own accomplishments. Their attacks are invisible and qualitative. They will catch their way accidentally.\” Jane Xi thought of the demons she met in the secret realm, and couldn\’t help feeling the sweat all over her. \”Well, I will, you can rest assured.\” looking at the worried eyes of the man in his arms, his heart is soft, his head is bowed, and his lips are gently printed on her lips, cold and instant. Jane was stunned for a moment, then buried herself in his arms, blushing with shame \”It\’s almost dawn. Let\’s clean up. I haven\’t had your breakfast for a long time. I\’m greedy,\” Qi Jiexing said. \”I\’ll do it.\” Jane Xi quickly broke away from the embrace, opened the prohibition, and jumped down to the ground, with a small cry. \”Ah!\” \”What\’s the matter?\” Qi Jiexing looked at him standing in the open space in front of the house with a smile and looked at his body in surprise.

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