Li Chengcai stared at Li Chengyue, but asked in a low voice, where did you come from?

Jane quickly approached there and searched for the information of this creature in her memory. Oh! This powerful and terrible creature is actually a two thunder dog. It is good at Thunder attacks and acts like electricity. It has its own inheritance. The strength of the two thunder dog in the transformation period (equivalent to the human fit period) is comparable to the strength of the friars in the human robbery period. It can challenge the human strong. Its strength is quite shocking. But this two thunder dog has not really grown up. It is estimated that it is only equivalent to the strength of the human friar Yuanying in the early stage, that is, the strength of the monster in the early stage of the fourth stage, but it is not afraid of these humans. Among these eight people, three women and five men. Among the three women, one is an ordinary grey woman in her thirties, with a mid-term cultivation of Yuanying; A petite blue skirt woman in her twenties with morbid beauty is the late stage of Jindan; Another one, dressed in a golden gauze skirt, was a palace beauty of about twenty-three or four years old; Among the five men, one gray haired old man is the later cultivation of Yuanying, and one black haired old man is the middle cultivation of Yuanying. There is also a young monk in the early cultivation of Yuanying. The other two young people are the later cultivation of Jindan. These monks who look very young on the face, Jane Xi can\’t know whether they are really young or skillful, but among the eight, only three are weaker than themselves. One is the same as her, and the other monks are much higher than their accomplishments. She didn\’t dare to rush over now. She didn\’t know what the origin of this group was, whether it was good or evil, so she was just approaching, but she didn\’t show up. She didn\’t know that when her divine knowledge was swept out, the group had found the existence of outsiders, but in the face of this strong opponent, although they were only monsters in the early stage of level 4, if they fought hard, The strength of this two thunder beast will be higher and higher, and the challenge is comparable to the strength of monks in the period of out of body. Among them, the elder with the highest cultivation is only in the later stage of Yuanying. I really don\’t know if he can defeat this powerful monster. The confrontation was only temporary. The thunder beast had opened its mouth. After a long roar, it jumped at the white haired old man nearest to it. The other seven friars had sacrificed their weapons and attacked the body of the thunder beast with all kinds of attacks and spells. For a moment, eight people fought with one beast. Second, the whole body of the thunder beast seems to have been shrouded by a thunder net. When all kinds of attacks reach its body surface, it will be defeated by the thunder net. The thunder blade spit out from its mouth attacks the four most ferocious primordial friars in front of it. At this time, Jane Xi was less than two miles away from them. At such a short distance, Jane Xi could hear the roar of monsters and the angry shouts of monks. Chapter 341 thunder beast Jane Xi slowed down and no longer walked fast. It was nearly three years. Except Yu Han, she met so many other monks for the first time. She was very nervous. Quietly bully the scene of the fight, hide in the top of a tree and watch the fight at the scene. At this time, the protective grid of the second thunder beast was full of holes, but the eight friars around were also extremely embarrassed. Even two of the three friars in the later stage of the golden elixir fell to one side and didn\’t know whether they were alive or dead. Except for the late Yuanying, the rest of the others were decorated. They were bathed in blood. The battle scene was very tragic. The two thunder beast with blood was also very angry at this time. It was even more violent in pain. Finally At this moment, Jian Xi on the treetop hundreds of meters away felt that there was a terrible murderous spirit from the second thunder beast. This murderous spirit made Jian Xi suddenly tighten her heart and have a bad premonition in her heart. Yes, the thunder beast finally released its final amazing energy under the pressure of the eight friars. Its body, which was already more than ten meters high, was soaring at a speed visible to the naked eye. In more than ten seconds, its height had reached nearly thirty meters. Its big mouth opened and rushed to its mid-term elder who was holding a silver axe. Countless thunder blades attacked in all directions, but his body had rushed in front of the black haired old man. The old man had just launched a round of attack, and his afterforce was a little lost. For a moment, he didn\’t hide. Two, the thunder beast had bitten off the upper half of the old man without resistance with one bite, but he bit up and down twice, and the man had been swallowed, He threw down the old man\’s lower body and jumped on the female nun who was full of golden elixir. The female nun hurriedly dodged in fear, but the right arm holding the long sword was not spared, and was forcibly pulled down by the second thunder beast. The nun screamed bitterly and made Jane Xi stand up. After the thunder beast broke out, her combat power soared. The people in the field saw that things were bad, but they all tried their best to attack and dodge. Another shrill scream, the 30-year-old nun with ordinary face was cut by the thunder blade. The blood immediately soaked her clothes, but her fierce sword spirit had also entered the mouth of the second thunder beast. With a painful roar, the second thunder beast shook his big head, half of his tongue was thrown out and fell into the grass dozens of meters away. 2. The blood in the thunder beast\’s mouth flowed outward like a fountain. The whole huge body had begun to hit everywhere. It had been crazy with pain. The female nun quickly threw a pill into her mouth, wrapped the outer layer of her dress around her belly for several times, and marked it with knots. It didn\’t stop for long. Then he took off the long sword again. The divine sense controlled the long sword to stab the second thunder beast. The fire dragon sent by the white haired old man also roared and rushed to the injured second thunder beast. The fire dragon shuttled up and down around the crazy second thunder beast and destroyed the thunder net around it. For a moment there was a crackling sound.

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