Li Chengcai doesn\’t want to know where the grain came from. It\’s good to have white flour anyway.

If you have enough holy stones and rely on the aura supply of Kun garden, of course, it is possible to form golden elixirs, but first, the number of holy stones needed to form golden elixirs is also quite amazing. Another, it is not enough to be only ahead of holy stones. You must have the aura in Kun garden. The most important thing is that there should be a kind of holy elixir like \’golden elixir\’, but the whole Kun garden and even the whole earth can no longer exist We can\’t find a golden pill\”. Although there are alchemists and some miraculous medicines and herbs in Kun garden, the materials for collecting a \”golden pill\” are still too different. Without a golden pill, the probability of forming a pill is only 30%. Coupled with the previous harsh requirements of spiritual stone and aura, so far, no one has formed a golden pill for thousands of years, all of them have stopped at The foundation construction period is \”full\”. Yu Muyang said, it seems a little tired here, lying on his back on the soft grass. Looking up at the stars in the sky, he said faintly, \”even the foundation Dan is very precious. Most of the people in the garden break through the foundation period by relying on their own ability, and only a few can get the foundation Dan.\”. \”Then you should be able to break through the top of the ninth floor in the gas refining period at any time. Have you built a foundation Dan?\” Jane Xi sat there and leaned sideways. Looking at the Yu Muyang road looking at the sky, Yu Muyang at this time has a clear face and thin and moderate lips hidden by the starlight. Under the thick eyebrows, the deep eyes like the night sky and the warm temperament are so handsome that Jane Xi blushes slightly. Jane Xi slightly put aside her eyes and stopped looking at him. She was afraid to let him find clues. At the same time, she blamed herself for her absence. When would she have no determination like this? He shook his head gently, got rid of these crazy ideas, and waited for Yu Muyang\’s answer. Yu Muyang noticed that he didn\’t notice Jian Xi\’s situation. He took back his eyes and looked at the profile of Jian Xi who had turned in the past. He looked at this beautiful girl like an elf in the mountain and said softly, \”I have one. As long as I feel the barrier is loose, I can build a foundation at any time.\”. In a word, Jian Xi already understood that Yu Muyang was one of the few people in Kun garden. His parents and grandparents must play an important role in Kun garden, otherwise it would be impossible to prepare a foundation pill for him early. \”You\’re lucky\” Jane Xi\’s soft voice sounded. \”Yes! I\’m very lucky.\” after Yu Muyang\’s voice fell again, they fell into silence. Jian Xi\’s posture was also a little tired, so they simply lay down, but they were slightly separated from Yu Muyang. They both quietly looked at the night sky and thought about their thoughts. After a long time, Yu Muyang\’s voice sounded again: \”I haven\’t said anything about you for a long time. In my heart, you are really mysterious! How did you achieve the present level in the secular world?\” Jane Xi was embarrassed when she heard Yu Muyang\’s words. For a moment, she didn\’t know how to answer him. She had no reservations about Yu Muyang, but she hesitated. When she was struggling, Yu Muyang suddenly sat up. Startled, Jane Xi jumped and sat up: \”what\’s the matter?\” at the same time, her voice had been sent out. \”I want to practice immediately. I feel the opportunity to break through.\” after saying that, I took out a low-grade spirit stone and held it in my hand. With the other hand, I gently waved a jade bottle and appeared in my hand. The mouth of the bottle was aligned with the mouth and poured. A building foundation pill slipped into his throat. I threw the jade bottle into a small cloth bag at his waist. After that, I crossed my knees and five hearts to the sky and set up the posture of meditation. Seeing this, Jian Xi also took out nine high-quality jade plaques from the ring, which had been combed by her, stood up and quickly threw them out two meters around him. At the same time, the array made of two cow leather also flew out, one layer after another, flew into the Zhang Xu on the top of Yu Muyang\’s head, glittered several lights, and then disappeared into the void, However, the two-layer superimposed spirit gathering array has been generated, plus the spirit gathering array set up by the previous jade plaque. This is the three-layer superimposed spirit gathering array, which was generated out of thin air. With the completion of Jian Xi\’s hand printing method, the three-layer spirit gathering array has been put into operation, and the meager aura around has gathered quickly. Jian Xi stood outside the spirit gathering array and felt the invisible aura gathering together, Into the spirit gathering array. Yu Muyang looked at Jian Xi\’s one-time action and the gathering spirit array, but he couldn\’t take care of him at this time. He quickly took his mind and was ready to attack the foundation period with all his strength. The opportunity to break through to the foundation period is fleeting. We must firmly seize the opportunity, otherwise we don\’t know when to wait for the next breakthrough, so yumuyang broke through immediately, which is also his trust from his heart to the outside. Jianxi doesn\’t understand what kind of feeling it is, but it\’s all based on his heart, so there is no guard against Jianxi. This also makes Jianxi decide to help him at the same time. Another obscure reason is that Jianxi doesn\’t realize it. It\’s that she and yumuyang are not familiar with each other. Except for the days when Jianxi was hospitalized, it\’s today\’s night. Both of them don\’t realize where this inexplicable trust comes from in this emergency, But they all did as they wanted. Gathering sand into a tower, the aura is thin, but there are still some after all. Coupled with the addition and aggregation of the three-layer gathering spirit array, the aura concentration in the gathering spirit array is also increasing rapidly. Yu Muyang feels that he has returned to Kun garden again, which makes him have unlimited confidence in building the foundation. Not to mention that Yu Muyang guided the Reiki into the body and impacted the realm of the foundation period, but to say that Jian Xi stood outside the spirit gathering array and looked at Yu Muyang sitting with his eyes closed to impact the foundation period. Just now, he had some unstable mood in his hurry, which slowly calmed down. She could see everything in the camp. The students and teachers were in a deep dream. The whole camp was very quiet. When she looked at it from a distance, everything was normal. Think about it. It\’s an era of peace. Although there is a lack of aura, there is no war. People don\’t have much desire to fight, so there\’s no fear that someone will disturb them. In addition, although it\’s in the mountains and forests, it doesn\’t belong to the deep mountains and old forests. There have never been wild animals nearby, so there\’s no need to worry about the emergence of wild animals, After sweeping the area within ten kilometers, Jane Xi took back her divine knowledge and quietly took out a recliner. At this time, she paid attention to the foundation construction of Yu Muyang and protected the Dharma for him, but there was no need to stand.

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