Li Si Nong nodded, yes, but I went to the factory today and they have sold it.

Alive? Jane Xi raised her head and asked grandma Fang curiously. \”It\’s called Xi soil. According to the records, it should be a land that can grow, but no one knows how it can grow. Alas!! we don\’t know when it was collected by our ancestors and passed down, but we don\’t tell us how to use it. We just leave a sentence \’where the fate comes, the law opens itself\’. I think it should let us follow it However? We can only inherit it from generation to generation, and wait for the arrival of fate, \”grandma Fang sighed. \”Grandma, there\’s a seal on it,\” said Jane Xi, holding the jade box and looking at the Xi soil inside again. \”Seal?\” the two elders looked at Jane Xi and said. \”Well, yes! Xi soil is sealed, but I can\’t break it with my ability at present.\” Jane Xi looked at Xi soil and answered the two old people\’s questions. \”This may be what the ancestors said. The fate has not come yet,\” said Grandma Fang. \”Yes! Maybe when the seal is untied one day, it should be fate,\” Grandpa Jane said, looking at the magical moving Xi soil. You know, before he buried the box with grandma Fang, he didn\’t see the contents of the box. Grandma Fang wanted to open it for him to see, but he said that it was left to her by her mother. Then, as long as she knew what it was, it didn\’t matter whether he knew it or not. So he didn\’t know what was in it before today. Grandma Fang and Jane Xi both nodded their heads gently and agreed with Grandpa Jane. \”Ha ha, Xi\’er, put it away. This box is all yours. Grandma has a hunch that you should be the key to all fate. These things should play their due role in your hand.\” gently cover the box, grandma Fang said with a smile. \”Just — only these two things, grandma doesn\’t know what to do.\” grandma Fang took out the things in the left and right narrow squares in the big box. \”Ah!\” looking at the two things pulled out by grandma Fang, Jane Xi exclaimed. \”Grandma, show me.\” Jane Xi took the two pieces handed over by grandma Fang. \”What? Do you know him again?\” even grandpa Jane was not calm this time. \”Well, as like as two peas,\” the three stones are almost identical, and the gray stone slab appears on the Kang. As like as two peas, Grandpa cannot read the forbidden period. They are the same as the five stone tablets in their eyes. They are two. \”Grandpa and grandma, wait, I\’ll spell it. I always feel it\’s not ordinary!\” Jane Xi took the slate in their hands and lined it up on the Kang, stitching left and right, just like doing a jigsaw puzzle. Soon, the five pieces were put together, and the white light flashed, which suddenly brightened the whole room several times, but disappeared for a moment. The five stone plates were automatically glued together. Jane Xi wanted to separate, but she found that the connecting place between the five stone plates had gone through nothing, there were no joints, just like one. \”Why are they like this?\” grandma Fang also looked closely, but she couldn\’t see the seams that should have existed. \”I don\’t know! At that time, I just saw that there were prohibitions. It should be a genuine object, so I collected it.\” Jane Xi said blankly. \”It seems that this is also a treasure! Just look at the shape, it should not be collected yet!\” Grandpa Jane said.

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