There are five children and eight adults.

Put aside the rest, Jane Xi opened the \”chaos formula\” in her mind, studied it carefully, understood it word by word, and simulated the exercise according to the formula until she was proficient. At this time, it was more than two o\’clock in the second midnight. She came to the window, opened the curtain, looked at the stars in the sky, and told herself that she couldn\’t worry. She had to rest today and start practicing tomorrow morning, After all, we have to ensure that we have enough spirit to have class tomorrow. In a twinkling of an eye, the final exam is coming. How time flies! Take a breath and close the curtain. Jane Xi came to the bed and woke up. She stared at her God of war, pushed to the side, retracted into the quilt, stretched out an arm and turned off the table lamp. The God of war also lay on one side again and closed her eyes. Soon, everyone and dogs fell asleep. The next morning, the biological clock woke up on time. Jane Xi, who looked like an angel, yawned, stretched, half closed his eyes, and vaguely swayed to the bathroom. After brushing his teeth and washing his face, he was basically awake. Back in the room, look at her watch. It\’s only four o\’clock, and then look at the polished sky. It\’s early in summer. She slept for less than two hours, relying on her good physique. Otherwise, she really didn\’t sleep enough. She came to her balcony. Jane Xi\’s home is the main room, the room faces the south, and the sunrise in the East is almost half visible. There\’s no way. She also went outside to practice. Put on a suit of sportswear and took a small cushion. Jane Xi took the elevator downstairs and came to an open lawn in the community. Jane Xi\’s \”urban green state\” is a very good community in J city. The green area of the community accounts for more than 50%, which is equivalent to a small Park. Green trees, landscape, lake water and elegant environment. Put the small cushion on the green grass with some dew, look at several old people who have come out for morning exercise in the distance, then look at the gradually red sky in the East, adjust their breathing, sink into the magical skill, review it again, look up at the trace of pure purple gas that has been emitted, close their eyes and feel it with their mind, Although she could see the purple and orange light spots when she closed her eyes, this was the first time she introduced them according to the method shown in chaos formula. Now she tried to control herself to open the pores and attract those light spots into the pores. Among those light spots, purple accounted for a large part and red accounted for a small part. At first, they just floated around her. After a long time, several purple light spots slowly entered the pores. Because they were too rare, Jane didn\’t feel anything, and she didn\’t know that some light spots had entered the pores, Just blindly running step by step, there is no temporary nothingness, all by the aura of imagination. Then gradually, more and more light spots enter the pores, mostly purple, rarely orange. When purple gradually began to decrease, Jane Xi suddenly felt a trace of rare warmth under the skin of her whole body, especially under the exposed skin. The \”chaos formula\” is still running, which naturally scattered these warmth, It gradually converges into the meridians, and then flows into the Dantian along a specific line. The warm current is extremely subtle. It can\’t be found without mental and physical examination. Then it runs around the Dantian, then disperses into the six Fu organs through the meridians, moistening the six Fu organs, and finally flows to the Dantian again through the meridians. At this time, the original purplish red warm air flow has become a colorless and pure air flow, A small air mass almost invisible to the naked eye gradually formed in the Dantian. Circle after circle, after all the light spots finally entering the body turn orange, the amount of heating flow is also reduced, and one part is less spilled, which is much worse than the purple light spots. Although the colorless aura flowing to Dantian is much less, it is continuous. Yes, when all the light spots turn orange, the purple rising in the East has disappeared, the sun has jumped out, and a warm sun shines on all things. The sun is the countless red light spots in Jianxi\’s eyes. She studied again for a while until there were more people doing morning exercises in the community. When there was some noise, Jane Xi closed her work. She opened her eyes and looked at some light gray substances floating on her arms. She knew that they were impurities from the six viscera when she absorbed the daily essence. She felt the Dantian carefully, although she couldn\’t look inside, But she could feel that there was a small group of aura in Dantian. This feeling was very mysterious and mysterious. After exercising the six Fu organs, the essence of the sun turns into the purest aura. This skill is really against the sky. She got up, picked up the small cushion and looked at the dirty skin surface, but she still insisted on running for half an hour. Anyway, in the early morning, the exercise was the elderly in the community, and no one would pay attention to her. Then I went home, took a bath and changed clothes, but I didn\’t have time to help grandma get breakfast. After eating, I went to school with my schoolbag on my back. Chapter 23 inadvertently At night, the moonlight is bright and the stars are dotted. Tonight, the stars are bright and suitable for cultivation. Jane Xi\’s balcony is too small, closed and cramped. Therefore, Jane Xi found a very safe and quiet place, their roof platform. But I ran to the top floor in the middle of the night. The second old man of the Jane family certainly wouldn\’t let me. What should I do? After thinking about it, I had no choice but to sneak out. It was late at night. Looking at the watch, it was already eleven o\’clock. The light downstairs had long gone out. After washing the marrow, Jane Xi, with five senses, was very keen. She crept to the door of the second old man\’s house. She breathed evenly. She thought that grandpa and grandma had fallen into a deep sleep, so she came to the door gently, put on soft soled shoes, took a moisture-proof cushion, felt the key in her pocket, and was about to open the door, As a result, I felt that my pants were rubbing around. I looked down and saw that it was the God of war. \”Hey, this bear and dog, apart from going to school, follow step by step. There\’s no way. Let him follow.\” He thought helplessly in his heart, nodded at the God of war, then quietly unscrewed the door lock, quickly went out, turned around and looked at the quiet room, and gently covered it.

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