She walked around and found some small gas stoves and small liquefied gas. A bottle of this kind of thing can maintain a meal. It takes two cans of gas to eat a hot pot.

Who are you?Shanghai vigilantly scanned the surroundings while communicating with the ancient soul master, only to find that the ancient soul master didn\’t know what had happened, and couldn\’t even move, as if imprisoned.Me? The last palace lord of the Huntian Emperor Palace is just my fellow. An elderly man with a bald head and three feet of eyebrows appeared in the void. It seems to be able to see through the depths of people, even the soul.The former palace lord of the Huntian Emperor Palace… Shanghai was startled slightly, and immediately arched his hands: \”The younger generation Shanghai has seen the predecessors.\” Obviously, the former palace lord of the Huntian Emperor Palace possesses a terrifying soul method, otherwise ancient times. The soul master will not be imprisoned anymore.It really deserves to be the person chosen by the first palace master.The first palace lord… Shanghai was suddenly shocked, \”Senior said that the Emperor Huntian?\”Yes, it is the Emperor Huntian.The old man nodded slightly. Seeing Shanghai\’s face in confusion, he couldn\’t help but said: \”This is a long story. Why did the emperor choose you? It is the meaning of the emperor. Things.\”What happened to Emperor Huntian? Shanghai was even more puzzled. He had never seen Emperor Huntian, so why did the other party explain things to himself.In fact, the emperor does not know who you are, but once said that those who can enter the tower of hell, except for my descendants, if anyone enters, they are the ones chosen by the emperor. said the old man.Then dare to ask seniors, what is the matter that Emperor Huntian confessed? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.It\’s very simple, destroy the Emperor Huntian Palace. The old man said.Exterminating the Emperor Huntian Palace, still… very simple?Shanghai was stunned. This Huntian Emperor actually let himself destroy the Huntian Emperor Palace, which is too dear to himself. Let’s not say that the Huntian Emperor Palace has existed since the ancient times, and its background is terribly deep, even if it is a son, Shanghai I\’m not sure I can deal with it.Moreover, the Emperor Huntian Palace was built by the Emperor Huntian himself. In the end, it was incredible to let an outsider come to destroy this super colossal force.The old man seemed to see Shanghai\’s thoughts and slowly said, \”The Emperor only asked you to destroy the Emperor Huntian Palace. There is a reason. I will tell you how to do it. Some things are not on your surface. It’s as simple as you can see, and it’s even more complicated than you think.\”Chapter 1654 The Power of DestructionDare to ask seniors, the Emperor Huntian came from the hell world? Shanghai asked.You also know the hell world… the ancient soul master told you. The old man sighed slightly, and said: \”Accurately speaking, Emperor Huntian is not a real hell tribe, but a… …In the first generation of Taikoo, it was called a taboo…\”Taboo…

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