Zhang Rong landed intact and looked at Jian Xi, who was still confronting the old man in black. Facing such an expert, Jian Xi saved him first and looked at Jian Xi deeply. Zhang Rong turned and disappeared into some busy groups. Neither the old man in black nor Qijie tree looked at Zhang Rong and nobody paid attention to him.

What? Big demon… The expressions of the other two changed completely.The big monster is comparable to the existence of the god emperor, let alone this big monster, even if it is a million monster slaves, it is enough to scare people.Are there other directions to go to the Celestial Sanctuary? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.No… Gong Zidan shook his head bitterly, \”The surrounding star fields have been blocked by demons. Except for that road, there is no other way to go. I didn\’t expect that I would encounter such a bad luck. The big goblin intercepted.\”This kind of thing has happened before, but none of those who are blocked can survive… Gong Zixu, who was on the side, gritted his teeth.They originally came here to strangle some demon slaves, obtain demon cores and then return to the celestial sanctuary in exchange for rewards, but they did not expect that they would not be able to go back.By the way, I suddenly remembered that there is a place to return to the Celestial Sacred Territory. Gong Zidan suddenly remembered something and couldn\’t help but say.Where can I go back?Demon lair. Gong Zidan said solemnly.Demon lair?Miyako Ou\’s expressions were blue for a while, \”What is the difference between entering the demon lair and facing the big demon and millions of demon slaves…\”In the face of big monsters and millions of monster slaves, we are bound to die. If we enter the monster\’s lair, we still have a glimmer of life. The news that has just come is that many daoists who have come out to strangle the monsters have rushed to the monster\’s lair. Now, because the big monsters and millions of monster slaves go out, there are not many monsters left in the monster lair, and the number of monster slaves is relatively small.Miyazi Dan said this, paused, and then said: \”Of course, with a few of us going to go to the demon\’s lair, even if there are not many demon and slaves left, we may be perished, but there are others. Fellow Daoists, once the number is large, the demons and slaves will be dispersed. By then, we will not face too many demons and slaves, and we have a better chance of surviving.\”In that case, why don\’t we waste time, just rush to the demon lair. Gong Zixu said hurriedly.Friend Lin, it\’s better for you two to be together. Then there will be a caring for each other. Gong Zidan asked the two of Shanghai.Then trouble the three of you. Shanghai nodded, Gong Zidan\’s temperament is pretty good.You\’re polite, there are two more, and we will help a little bit more. Everyone should take care of each other. Gong Zidan said: \”It should not be too late. Let\’s rush to the demon\’s lair as soon as possible. If it is late, the demon will The side will come to help.\”Um!Immediately!The group of five people didn\’t talk nonsense, and quickly rose into the air.

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