\”How long will it take to auction this thing?\”

Two City Lords, I suggest that we ignore the Night Demon City. If you two leave, if the Night Demon City sends a large army to encircle and suppress, then my efforts during this period of time will be wiped out… and, Night Demon City is acting extremely harsh, it is hard to guarantee that I will not be besieged and suppressed by Night Demon City.That\’s not okay. Night Demon City invites me to wait, but if I don\’t wait, I will inevitably annoy the Night Demon City. By then, it will not be the same to send an army. Don’t forget, the Night Demon City has 30 million troops, and the Gorefiend The city is only five million… the strength of the two is very different.What about the disparity, we have the wild pattern given by Young Master Lin, five million is enough to fight against the 30 million army, let alone we are stationed here.But Huangwen doesn\’t have so many… Many lieutenants quarreled, and their words were extremely intense.okay!Yin Long stood up abruptly and drank all the arguing lieutenants. After the voice subsided, his eyes were cast on the Lingxuan Sword, \”Brother Ling, this matter is of great importance, can you inform Young Master Lin?\”I\’m not afraid of death. The Night Demon City is clearly eyeing us, and I don\’t want our Blood Demon City to grow up, so whether we go or not, the Night Demon City will take action. This matter is related to the future of the Blood Demon City. So I didn\’t dare to jump to conclusions, I could only come to you, inform Young Master Lin, and ask about his opinions. Qing Xue said.This matter is very troublesome. If it is not handled well, all the foundations that have been established will be destroyed. Now they finally see the blood demon city prospering, and in the future it may even become a large god and demon city, but this is the city of night demon. With one hand, it put the Blood Demon City in danger.Lingxuanjian sighed and shook his head, \”I can\’t get in touch with the eighth brother. When the eighth brother left before, there was no communication message left.\”Then what should this be… Yin Long and Qingxue suddenly had no idea.Or else, let\’s first… Lingxuanjian was halfway through speaking, and his eyes were delighted, \”The eighth brother is back.\”Young Master Lin is back? Yinlong and the other lieutenants were taken aback, and their faces were immediately happy. At the entrance, two figures slowly appeared. One of them was Shanghai and the other was. An extremely old man.In an instant!Yinlong, Qingxue, and a group of lieutenants stepped forward one after another.I have seen Young Master Lin. A group of lieutenants bowed their hands in salute.Young Master Lin, it\’s time for you to come back, let the messenger send a message from the Night Demon City… Yin Long said quickly.Needless to say, I have heard about your conversation, where is the messenger of Night Demon City? Shanghai asked.It has been arranged in the side hall. Yin Long said.Take me to meet that messenger first. Shanghai said.Um!

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