\”Oh? There\’s also a VIP system here? Interesting.\” Jane Xi walked away with a smile and muttered to herself.

Upper? Shanghai frowned, and immediately startled. After reacting, he couldn\’t help asking: \”Senior meant that my father was in the upper heaven of God\’s Domain?\”That\’s right. The leader of Scarlet Moon nodded.He left, why didn\’t he say goodbye… Shanghai\’s mood at this moment was a bit complicated. Judging from the attitude of the leader of Scarlet Moon, the two were not hostile anymore. If so, why did his father leave? And left without saying a word.Perceiving the look of Shanghai, the leader of the Scarlet Moon said: \”Don\’t blame your father, he has important things, and that person gave him an important task, so he must leave. With your father\’s ability, there should be no What is the problem, you will be reunited sooner or later.\”That person? I wonder if Senior can tell who it is? Shanghai asked hurriedly.I don\’t know who it is, but this person\’s ability is far beyond our imagination, so you don\’t need to care too much. Anyway, sooner or later, you will know when you meet your father. In fact, your father left this time to save him. your mother.Save my mother… Shanghai was shocked, his expression became excited, \”My mother is still alive in this world?\”Yes, this is what I heard your father said personally. This time I came to the Extreme Ice Emperor Palace to get something and go to the upper heaven of God\’s Domain to save your mother. And your father was escorted up by me, you You can rest assured, said the leader of Scarlet Moon.Hearing these words, Shanghai became more excited, because he had been worrying about the safety of his parents, and now he can finally be sure that his father is fine, but the mother… when he thinks that his father is going to save his mother, what happened to his mother? ?After a while, Shanghai\’s heart sank.If there is an accident, then you have to rush to the upper heaven of God\’s Domain as soon as possible to support your father…Senior, the younger generation has an unsympathetic request, can you… Shanghai said with his hand.He also knew that this request was very difficult, but so far, only the leader of Scarlet Moon could send himself to the upper heaven of God\’s Domain.Are you going to the upper heavens of God\’s Domain? The leader of the Scarlet Moon saw Shanghai\’s thoughts at a glance, and couldn\’t help but shook his head.Why? Shanghai was unwilling to say.The upper heavens of God\’s Domain are extremely dangerous places. Even if I wait to go there, I will encounter accidents. The lowest level must be a god, and it is not a general god. It must be a god with the strength of a quasi god emperor. Only then can you step into the upper heavens of the Gods’ Realm.” The leader of the Scarlet Moon slowly said: “With your realm, let alone entering the upper heavens of the Gods’ realm, even contact will instantly turn to ashes. To pass the upper heavens of the Gods’ realm, you must Across the Heaven Refining Blood Flame, this Heaven Refining Blood Flame can incinerate any strong person below the level of the gods, and only the level of the gods can reluctantly resist.Even if you can pass the refining blood flame, in the upper heavens of the gods, there are endless broken existences, and even encounters with behemoths in the starry sky. No one can enter below the level of the gods, even the gods of the past. Didn\’t dare to do this.At this point, the leader of Scarlet Moon paused and continued to persuade: \”I advise you to practice with peace of mind first. I have already understood that your mother is just trapped, and there will be no danger for the time being, and your father wants It will probably take hundreds of years, even thousands of years, to untie it. You can cultivate well, and you can wait until you reach the level of the gods and then go up.\”Thank you senior for telling me.Shanghai bowed his hand. He also knew that he couldn\’t help his father if he really went there, but after learning that his mother was just trapped and there was no danger for the time being, he felt a little more at ease.

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