When she was three or four meters away from Jane Xi Xue, she raised her long head in her hand and seemed to kill Jane Xi. Jane Xi also forcibly operated all the spiritual power in her body and concentrated on the green moon.

The elders, please make it clear. Shanghai said.Brother Lin, I am waiting for this time to come, hoping that you can withdraw from the road against the sky. Elder Shangguan said.Want me to quit?Shanghai\’s pupils shrank slightly, what a joke, I rushed all the way to nine hundred miles, only the last one hundred miles away. The high-level figures of the Shenmeng asked him to withdraw. This does not mean that everything he did before was in vain. NS?Seeing that the Six Profound Gods did not say a word, Shanghai estimated that the Six Profound Gods also knew it. He was obviously unable to resist. After all, he was only one person. If the other five elders agreed, it would be useless for the Six Profound Gods to object, but Shanghai did not. Will not agree, this is after all about Leng Yihang\’s life.It seems that he has noticed Shanghai’s dissatisfaction. Elder Shangguan said in a hurry: \”Brother Lin, don’t worry. I will try my best to compensate Brother Lin. Of course, if Brother Lin and others want to join us, we Naturally, it is extremely welcome. If Lin Xiaoyou is willing, with the patience of Little Brother Lin, entering the Zhengmeng is more than enough.\”Hearing these words, Shanghai was a little surprised. It was obvious that the conditions given by the elders of Shangguan and others, especially the latter one, weren’t the purpose of tracing on the road against the sky? But, why wait for yourself to reach nine hundred miles?Is it because of their own abilities that the senior leaders of the Shenmeng have paid attention to it, so make an exception?impossible!If so, what is the significance of the existence of the road against the sky? This is almost equivalent to that as long as you perform well enough, you can join the League of Gods… There is something wrong, Shanghai has noticed something wrong, and he always feels faintly that there seems to be some unknown secret in the road to the sky.More than 50 years ago, more than 70 million strong people were lost to this, no one passed. Even if the people who survived are strong, they have never heard of any exception…Looking at the appearance of the Six Profound God Venerable, it seemed that he didn\’t know.What if I disagree? Shanghai said in a deep voice.presumptuous!Xue Shenzun shouted angrily: \”I will wait for your condescension to come and hope you to withdraw. It\’s because of your ability to endure. It would be a pity if you are damaged here. That\’s why I persuaded you, otherwise I should not care about you. For your little life, You should quit as soon as possible, anyway, just don’t pursue your fault.\”Shanghai frowned slightly. If someone else said this, he would believe it a little bit. But when Xue Shenzun said this, he had to doubt it. Although he didn\’t know why, he could tell. This Shangguan elder and others seemed unwilling to let themselves break the path against the sky.The last guards on this road against the sky are the three young leagues. Is it because they are afraid that these three will lose their face and damage the face of the dead gods league? Or, what secrets will not be known at the end of this road against the sky?If Xue Shenzun said something badly, perhaps Shanghai would agree, but when Xue Shenzun came up with an imposing appearance, he would have been upset. In addition, he had been repeatedly calculated by this person before, although it was not himself, but even Mu Ningxue. The women almost suffered.Okay, whether you agree or not, the road against the sky is over. Seeing Shanghai did not say anything, Xue Shenzun looked rather urgent.Who said it\’s over?

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