In the whole guild, there was no one else who dared to refine broken thunder Dan except herself, and the little girl in her early twenties wanted to refine broken thunder Dan? The old man couldn\’t help looking a little serious.

A little busy…Shanghai wouldn\’t believe that the emperor Sheng Tianzhi really said only a small favor, maybe one accidentally, even his own life will catch up.What does your Royal Highness need to do next? Shanghai said bluntly.It\’s very simple. I need your spirit and physique to help me. What should I do? After I leave the Fa-Teaching Hall this time, I will tell you. Before that, I hope that Fellow Lin will not disclose it at will. Fellow Lin can rest assured. If it succeeds, not only will Tian Zhi gain something, but fellow Taoists will not suffer. The emperor Sheng Tian Zhi said with a smile.What about them?As for them, Lin Daoyou can rest assured that after the matter is resolved, they will be safely taken out of the land of the ancient heritage. The emperor Sheng Tianzhi slowly replied.Um!Shanghai nodded slightly, and immediately asked: \”I will ask one more question at the end, and I hope that Her Royal Highness will answer her, otherwise she would not agree to it.\”Let\’s talk about it.Xia Xia wants to know, why does Her Royal Highness have to let her help? With Her Royal Highness\’s ability, find someone who is stronger than Xia. Shanghai said.The emperor Shengtianzhi is the heir of the Tianyu imperial palace and one of the two heirs. With any order, you can find some god kings who enter the land of inheritance to help. Shanghai is curious about why the emperor Shengtianzhi Will come to find myself, and not once.The last time she was in Pinyue Palace, the emperor Sheng Tianzhi revealed some meaning, but she did not say clearly at the time. Shanghai estimated that she should be looking for some characters, and this thing to do is definitely not a simple matter, so it is necessary A character who meets certain conditions, and this character, he should meet.In this place of inheritance of the ancient god Emperor Yu, the emperor Sheng Tianzhi asked herself to do things, is it related to the inheritance of the ancient god Emperor Yu? Perhaps she had already learned some inside stories that the rest of the strong would not know at all, so she got the first opportunity. This is also very possible. The Tianyu Imperial Palace has been passed down for a long time, and there may be some special secrets that the world does not know.Of course, Shanghai will not ask the emperor Sheng Tianzhi what she wants to do, because it is a question of nothing.What Tian Zhi has to do is not that the stronger the better, but the person who meets certain conditions, and Lin Daoyou is the best candidate for Tian Zhi\’s most need for help. These two conditions are spiritual and physical. Among her peers, Lin Daoyou is at the top. I wonder if Lin Daoyou is satisfied with this explanation? the emperor Sheng Tianzhi said slightly.I have to say that the emperor Sheng Tianzhi is very good at talking.Ordinary strong people may have been so happy to hear this praise. After all, it is the emperor who speaks of praise. The identity and status are far comparable, but Shanghai will not be because of the emperor Shengtianzhi. I was excited about these words, because things were not as simple as imagined.I understand, as long as His Royal Highness is willing to protect them, what about Shanghai\’s death to accompany the palace to accomplish this. Shanghai said.In fact, he was also very curious about what the emperor Shengtianzhi had to do.Then it\’s settled. The emperor Sheng Tianzhi said here, she paused, \”It should almost appear too.\”

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