\”Well, give the child a bowl of rice and let him eat first.\” shangguanbo ordered the servant girl again.

Except for the expression of Zong Wenbo, the peak master of Dingtian Peak, with some excitement, Zhu Bushui and the others stood there almost stupidly, and it was difficult to follow suit for a while.Some people are happy, and others are naturally sad.The three people\’s cheeks were tight, their eyes were full of shock, and their expressions contained complexity and weirdness. They were more unbelievable. They never thought that the black prison would be reversed a year ago. He was framed, thrown into Dingtian Peak, and later thrown into the black prison of Shanghai.Brother Feng, this is a lot of trouble…Dongfang Lie\’s expression was very gloomy, and a little cold sweat could not help but ooze out of his forehead. He knew very well what Shanghai\’s reversal of the black prison represented, not only that this person\’s potential was extremely terrifying, but also that his status would rise to a very high level in the future. s position.The most important thing is that the senior management of the Temple of Dry Heaven will give this person the utmost care and training. What makes him worry even more is that the previous things will fail.A strong man who reversed the black prison was thrown into the Dingtian Peak. As long as he is not a fool, he can see it. There is definitely a trick. Not only the deacons who entered the hall will be punished, I am afraid that they will not be able to get out of the relationship. Although it will not be expelled, but I am afraid it will be excluded from the core layer in the future.In addition to offending Shanghai, I am afraid that it will be difficult to move in the Temple of Heaven in the future. Whenever I thought of this, the intestines of the East column would be repented. If I had known that Shanghai had this ability., He will not target Shanghai in order to win over the wind.Compared with Shanghai, not to mention that one wind is not allowed, even if it is a hundred, it may not be comparable. After all, it has reversed the black prison. Only one person has done this so far. The others have tried it, but There is no successful person, and now Shanghai is the second one.Dongfanglie’s face was extremely ugly, and the man surnamed He on the side also tightened his face, but he was the most relaxed, because he had never taken a shot from start to finish, so there was still room for relaxation with Shanghai, he was thinking about it. , Do you want to sever ties with the wind?Why? Are you scared? Feng refused to make a gloomy expression, his fists creaked.It\’s not a question of not being afraid, but when this happens, I\’m afraid I will wait… Dongfang Lie said embarrassedly. He still didn\’t want to tear his face with the wind, but he began to resent this person in his heart, if not. The wind is not allowed, how could he follow the unlucky together.Oriental column, don\’t think that I don\’t know what you\’re thinking, and things have your share. Do you really think that this person in Shanghai will ignore the predecessors? Feng Fuyun said coldly.The wind is not allowed, things started because of you. I wanted to help you for the sake of having been with you for many years. But when you said this, it really chilled my heart, huh, take care of your affairs by yourself. , What I did, I will naturally deal with it. Since the wind was not allowed to tear his face on the spot, Dongfang Lie didn\’t have the slightest hesitation. With a wave of his cuffs, his figure moved, and he left here.Brother Feng, this… the man surnamed He said in embarrassment.If you want to leave, you don\’t need to say anything. From today on, I won\’t have anything to do with you. Don\’t come to me in the future. The lungs will explode if the wind is not allowed, but he has been suppressing .Ugh!The man surnamed He sighed, but his heart was full of joy, because he wanted to get rid of the relationship as soon as possible. Now that the wind has not allowed him to give him a chance, then he will naturally not waste it, and he can also foresee that the wind will not in the future. I\’m afraid the trouble will be serious.But is it related to him?

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