Looking at shangguanbo\’s eyes on his sister, brilliance was cold in his heart. His sister offended shangguanbo today. Although for his own sake, it would not kill his sister, brilliance dare not imagine in the future.

boom!The first cut fell, and the void was cut open directly, as if the stars burst open, making all the powerhouses of the Tianqiang list tremble, and the strength of Broken Blade was much stronger than they had predicted. Next, except for the top ten strong in the sky, who can stop it.The invincible power of attack and killing, accompanied by a huge divine blade, slashed on Ah Da’s shoulder. The latter has always had a simple face, as if he had only reacted at this moment, and his pupils showed surprise. At this moment, a terrifying metallic luster suddenly appeared on Ah Da\’s body.Qiang Qiang…The first cut was broken, and Broken Blade\’s face paled for a while, but he seemed to have expected this situation a long time ago, and immediately swiped the second cut again.Cut through the void!The power of the second slash was stronger, but Ah Da still did not move, letting that slash fall on his shoulders, and the metallic luster emerged again, crushing all the powers of the slashing, and the face of Broken Blade was even more ugly. Even with two swings, he couldn\’t hurt Ah Da.Moreover, the opponent used his body\’s strength to counterattack from beginning to end, and did not use any magical skills at all. This made Broken Blade feel ashamed, gritted his teeth, and the third cut appeared. This was his strongest blow, too. Full blow.Cut the world!The second-rank magic skill, in the hands of Broken Blade, exerted unparalleled strength, and millions of miles of heaven and earth were shattered. But at this moment, Ah Da raised his hand and smashed it with a simple punch. , It just contains metallic luster, but it is as powerful as the explosion of hundreds of stars.boom……The third cut was smashed by the waist, and Broken Blade was shocked to fly upside down, blood in his mouth vomited wildly, and finally fell on the ground twenty miles away, Broken Blade burst all over his body, and blood kept coming out. His whole body was instantly reddened, and he was seriously injured and passed out.Brother Broken Blade… The three young experts hurriedly rushed over to feed Broken Blade the god pill.With a blow, the blade was broken…The deacons and young powerhouses of the Temple of Heavenly Heaven were extremely pale. In their opinion, even if they were invincible, Broken Blade had the ability to save their lives. How did they know that they would be defeated so quickly, and they would only be defeated by a single blow. From beginning to end, A Da, the strong slave of the slave tribe, only gave a punch.After defeating Broken Blade, Ah Da silently stood aside, his expression remained the same, without the slightest change, he did not even have the slightest joy of defeating his opponent, and he always had a dull expression on his face.On this point, you still pretend to challenge me? Jian Mao glanced at the people faintly, and said: \”Next, who else can challenge me by defeating Ah Da. If you can win me, you can leave alive. If you can’t, stay here as our rations.”Ration…The complexions of the people in the Temple of Heavenly Heaven suddenly changed, and Ada, a strong slave clan, was so terrible. As the master\’s spear, his strength was definitely not weak.The strength of the ancient strong is indeed good, but you seem to underestimate us. I will fight him. A man in a green shirt rushed out. This man looks very handsome and looks very handsome, giving people a kind of romantic The sense of suave, although not the slightest aura overflowed, but the whole body gave people an inexplicable sense of shock.

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