However, as long as they are alchemists, array mages, tool refiners, talisman makers, animal guards and friars above the fitness stage who have obtained the qualification of level 6 or above, they can use any way to enter the intermediate mainland for free.

If one\’s own divine mind is a river, then the other\’s divine mind is an endless ocean, and the difference between the two is many times.The King of God… Shanghai\’s expression turned pale.Even if it is not a god king, it is at least at the level of a high-level god general. A million miles away, the coercion is so terrifying. It is definitely these two levels. If it is a high-level god general, there is still a chance to survive. If it is a god king, if the opponent is malicious, I am afraid that the three people present will not be able to stop!Dugu Sanming had froze and could hardly move.The heart of Shanghai tightened for a while, because the terrifying divine consciousness in the sea of ​​consciousness was right there, he didn\’t know what the other party wanted to do, and he couldn\’t resist, because the gap between the two was too big, even if the resistance was not too big. Meaning.At this time, that ray of terrifying spiritual thoughts left.Shanghai\’s tense heart suddenly relaxed, staring at the direction where the divine mind was leaving. The other party seemed to have no malice. Otherwise, just controlling the divine mind to shock would be enough to disperse the soul.suddenly!A purple ripple appeared in the sky, spreading quickly, without any momentum, but in the eyes of the three people in Shanghai, they were full of terrifying power of attack, because the ancient relics that were touched were only slightly shaken. At once, the small one was shattered on the spot.boom……Purple awns rose into the sky, and on the top of the chaotic sky, nearly a million purple stars emerged, and each one shot down a purple star and gathered in the distance.The gathering of a million purple stars triggers changes in the sky.There was a violent tremor in Shanghai\’s heart, and his eyes revealed a look of consternation. Others didn\’t know what this meant, but he knew very well that he had the inheritance of the quasi-divine emperor. He naturally understood what this scene represented. Only the divine emperor could arouse the sky. The change of celestial phenomena affects the prestige of the Milky Way.God……Could it be that a god emperor was born?Impossible, the god emperor has disappeared since time immemorial. No one knows whether the god emperor exists or not, and it is only recorded in ancient books.Do not!If the opponent is a god emperor, then this power is wrong.According to the quasi-divine emperor’s inheritance records, the true divine emperor possesses the power to shatter all things, and can wipe out ten thousand lives between raising hands and feet. If the opponent is a divine emperor, it will definitely not only provoke a million purple stars. Compared with the power of the legendary god emperor, it is really weak.

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