Jian Xi didn\’t answer Hua linger\’s first question, but asked in confusion, \”Dan Shigong association? What organization is that?\”

The seven old monsters stared at Shanghai, their eyes gleaming with complex colors. There were envious and jealous ones, and some disdainful ones, but it was more of a feeling like a fierce beast staring at its prey. At most there will be decades left, so they have no scruples.This kind of old monster is the most terrifying, anyway, their lifespan will be exhausted, without any scruples, once they are provoked, they will definitely be chased and killed by them madly.Gongsunhai, are you old immortal also here?The old monster Nantian stared at the boss headed, \”It seems that your birthday is approaching, how long is there? Three years? One year? Or less?\”Hear the words!The seven bosses were stunned at the same time, especially the lead boss named Gongsunhai, who stared at the Nantian boss with complicated and vigilant eyes.Who are you? Gongsun Hai asked in a deep voice.I?The corners of the old monster Nantian\’s mouth were slightly raised, and black lights appeared across the body, like a black evil sword circling around the body, and then quickly absorbed into the body.Seeing these black awns, Gongsunhai and other seven old monsters\’ complexions changed instantly.It turns out to be Lord Nantian… Gongsun Hai\’s tone was a little complicated, and he still had a trace of awe. The god generals, for these old monsters who have reached the top gods, is their lifelong pursuit. If they want to continue to live, they must break through to the level of the god generals.For this level of the gods, Gongsunhai and others have a deep desire hidden in their hearts. They are only one step away, but this step is like a moat that makes it difficult for them to cross. When they see the Nantian Boss, their mood is naturally complicated and abnormal. .Jealousy is certain, even some jealousy…Why they can’t become a god general, and why the Nantian boss in front of them can become a god general. Of course, they just think about it, but they won’t show it, because there is no need to anger them because of this little jealousy. A god general, of course, they are not afraid of anger, but it is not necessary.The remaining six bosses have slightly reduced their arrogance. After all, they are facing a god general, and even if they have no fear, they will not offend a god general at will.Master Nantian is here, is it because he intends to get some good fortune fairy liquid? Gongsun Hai said with a smile. From his perspective, how could he not see that Old Monster Nantian used a special ancient secret method to borrow it, but there is no need to break it.I have this plan. The old Nantian nodded.Oh, Lord Nantian, be careful, there are many spirits of law in the forbidden area. I waited to enter before and was forced to retreat. Gongsun Hai said.The spirit of the law has appeared? Old Nantian frowned.The spirit of law is the guardian spirit in the forbidden area, and it contains amazing law power. This spirit of law is extremely difficult to deal with. If you are not careful, even the top-tier gods will perish, even if the gods will encounter powerful ones. The spirit of law may also encounter danger.

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