Hua linger\’s brother Tao also has good accomplishments. He should be in the later stage of Jin Dan, but his accomplishments have been consolidated. At present, he is very stable. He is similar to brilliance.

Well! Lead the remaining people down the mountain gate. The strong man of the world-sovereign level waved his hand. As soon as his voice fell, a buzzer rang out. Among the cultivators, a black-haired young man showed his eyes. Three sword marks, this person is not someone else, it is Shanghai.the last one……This kid is really lucky, he even saw three sword marks at the last moment. The three ancient Xuanzong disciples of the Eighth Dao were extremely surprised.Even if you see it, it took three days. Even if you become Taishi, you are the lowest…And whether you can become Taishi, you have to get the recognition of Taishi\’s god pattern.Um!Regarding Shanghai, the three ancient Xuanzong disciples of the Eighth Dao did not have much liking, nor were they very optimistic. After all, no one had ever seen the three sword marks at the time of pressing the line, and thus became the Taishi. It is the former with the most time, almost all concentrated in the first three hours. After three hours, the chance of becoming Taishi is pitifully low.Come on. The strong man at the world-honored level waved his hand.Um!Shanghai swept over, and when he left, a faint sharp light appeared under his feet, and this faint sharp light fell under the black rock.go!World-honored powerhouses took the lead. Those who passed this assessment all followed. Shanghai and Senluo followed closely. As for the rest of the cultivators, they were taken away by their respective kendo disciples and returned to the kendo. Go out of the mountain gate on the same out……Three gods appeared at Black Rock.This sword mark left by the sword of the Profound Sky is not shallow, it seems that my sect is expected to thrive… The fat old man smiled.Yes! The middle-aged woman nodded slightly.This time there will be a Sky Profound sword body. It\’s not worth our time spent here. With the depth of the sword mark, when I grow up in the future, the achievement will not be under my wait. The middle-aged man also showed a happy expression on his face. .Click…A faint sound came.How keen are the five senses of the three gods, they quickly looked at their feet, and saw a neat crack appeared under the black rock. The three gods stayed for a while, and then the crack spread from their feet to both sides. , Has been extended to hundreds of miles away.

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