Jane Xi didn\’t worry about leading Xiao Siyu and waited slowly behind the team. However, Jane Xi also found that the gate of the capital was much stricter than the chejian city and another city she had passed before. Everyone who entered or left the city searched very carefully, which made Jane Xi sigh that the capital was different from ordinary cities! There are a lot more rules, aren\’t they?

Master Chen, won\’t you go in? Kill Mie couldn\’t help asking.The rest of the people cast incomprehensible glances. This divine secret realm contains mysterious power. A short period of cultivation is equivalent to one hundred times faster than usual. This is something you can\’t expect. Shanghai has to give up such a great opportunity. ?No, this divine mystery is no longer of much use to me. Shanghai shook his head. He was just wasting the mysterious power inside. Now he has reached the great perfection of the Ninth World Zun\’s reincarnation mood, and the divine power has filled the whole body. It has reached the extreme. It would not be possible to add any more points, and now to break through, you can only break through to the level of the Holy Master.but!It is not difficult for an ordinary cultivator to reach the Holy Master. As long as the aptitude is not bad, there is a chance to break through, but Shanghai is not. Because he has cultivated nine kinds of reincarnation moods, and all of them have reached Dzogchen, so in terms of breakthrough, It is tens of thousands of times more difficult than ordinary people.After reaching the extreme, Shanghai has never found a way to break through. After all, since ancient times, I have never heard of anyone who can have nine reincarnation moods. As for the ninth reincarnation mood, there have been so many since ancient times, but these People are either dead or missing, or they may have already become strong at the god king level.Therefore, in order to make a breakthrough, Shanghai can only rely on its own, to find opportunities, or to see if any of its predecessors are in the same situation as its own.As for the magical skills.Anonymous magic skills have been integrated with all the charms of the third-class magical skills-Frozen Heaven and Earth. There is no need to practice in Shanghai. Even if you practice, the unknown magical skills are difficult to improve, unless you can encounter the second-class magical skills or multiple third-class gods. Technique.As for the speed change, Shanghai has already reached the bottleneck. The next step is to understand the first-grade magical skill-the extremely fast magical skill, but this is a first-grade magical skill. The charm of it far exceeds the frozen world, even if it is now. Without the help of the nameless magical skills, he can only comprehend the little fur of the frozen world at best.Not much use…Suddenly, Ji Mie and others were speechless, staring at Shanghai in a daze, they were thinking, what level of realm has Chen Zhu reached? Of course, this question will not be addressed, because Shanghai will not necessarily tell them. Even if they do, Shanghai is the unshakable Chenzhu in their hearts.Just as everyone was about to step in, the beautiful eyes of Ming Yuyan who suddenly followed at the end revealed a surprise. She quickly turned her head and stared at Shanghai excitedly.What\’s the matter? Shanghai seemed to see something in Ming Yuyan\’s eyes, and his heart jumped suddenly.There is news from Zhonghuang, my father is still alive…and…the lord of the ancient gods\’ temple, and many others are still alive… Ming Yuyan burst into tears of joy.what……Shanghai\’s heart beat violently, and his calm look completely changed, staring straight at Ming Yuyan with hope in his eyes.There are also the people of the spirits and gods, they are all alive, and the Quartet Saint Beast rescued them… Ming Yuyan said excitedly.You…you mean, my grandfather and elder brother are still alive? Shanghai was immediately stunned by the sudden good news.It should be right, there is a message from my father in the book of Underworld God, they should all be alive. Ming Yuyan nodded fiercely.

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