After nearly three hours of practice, she recovered from the 7788. Looking at the heaven and earth Dan stove dumped by her on the ground, Jane Xi was a little funny. Gently waved his hand, photographed the Dan stove, poured out the waste Dan inside, waved his hand and burned them into nothingness. Then a method Jue, he cleaned the Dan stove and put it on the futon again. Then, he fell into bed and fell asleep in two minutes.

The ancestors said that no matter how much you paid, you must kill this child… Shenhai\’s eyes were full of chills.Chapter 0995: Arriving FirstTen thousand miles outside the city, the gods of the Ten Thousand Strings, an ancient teleportation array shining, one after another a large number of strong men, there are as many as two thousand, each of these strong men exudes a strong aura, many of them A strong man who understands the artistic conception of reincarnation.The location where these people appeared was quite secret and was not noticed by anyone, so there was no news from the city of Shenlin.Inside a residence in the southern district of Shenlincheng.Twenty-six people from the Independence League are gathering together to discuss the chance to go to the yellow area. Ming Yuyan is also among them. With her current strength and amazing potential, her position in the Independence League is second only to Yilan is nothing more than.I think I should start from Beihai. There have been many powerful people searching for it, and safety can be guaranteed. Although it may not be possible to obtain those big treasures, there may be some leftover treasures…The Beihai side has been searched for many times. I will start from Hengtianya. There is also a yellow area. Although the risk is greater, there are not many strong people who go there. There may be many treasures left. There. Another person suggested.I think it\’s still…It\’s too dangerous not to go there, it\’s better to go to the desert land…Everyone was talking about it, but Yilan did not speak, but was thinking about where she was going this time. As the leader, she should shoulder the safety of everyone and get the greatest return with the least risk. , This is the ultimate goal of her thinking.Sister Lan, it\’s not good, there is bad news. A strong man from the Independent Alliance paled.The people who were discussing quickly stopped, their eyes focused on the strong man.What\’s the bad news? Yi Lan frowned slightly.I have a life-and-death friend who is a strong man in hundreds of small worlds controlled by the True Underworld God Clan. Although this person is born…but I have a good relationship with her… so… Said embarrassingly.True Underworld Protoss… Don\’t talk about your friend first, let\’s talk about the key points first. Yi Lan felt bad.Just now, the True Underworld God Clan dispatched more than two thousand strong men. The strong man said in a deep voice.Send out more than two thousand strong people? Ming Yuyan said this time, and her stunning appearance also revealed incomprehension and worry.Yes, the True Underworld God Clan dispatched more than two thousand strong men, all of them top-notch, and I heard from my friend of life and death that they also brought some special treasures there. It was originally estimated that they went out to search for treasures in the yellow area. But my friend just got a bad news…what news?

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