There is a record in the wall paintings of the ancient clan’s hall that the ancient clan’s strong men in ancient times would leave war souls after their deaths, and these war spirits would help the ancient clan continue to cultivate the strong, and even instill their own strength to the ancient clan. Descendants of, this method is called the inheritance of war spirits.

Xuanji noticed the barrier, and then the old demon god clan leader also noticed it.Could it be… because of this enchantment… Xuanji thought for a moment, and suddenly she was suddenly surprised. The area is only a hundred miles away. If you shoot one after another, the power of the fight will not dissipate immediately, and if you maintain the previous power with each blow, the scattered power will continue to increase…\”Haha… This kid is so careful in mind and knows how to take advantage of the geographical advantage of the barrier. Xuanji looked at Shanghai with applause.The demon god old clan leader also thought about it, and it took a moment to understand, his wrinkled old face suddenly strained, his face was as ugly as his face was. Obviously he also realized that if he continues, Shanghai’s winning side will be more and more. Bigger.And he also understood why Shanghai would put away the artifact, his strongest ability is not to use the artifact, but to use the magical skills inspired by the body.The only thing that the old demon god clan master can’t understand is how Shanghai’s body can accommodate such a majestic power. He has issued three consecutive blows and there is no sign of exhaustion. At this moment, he can only hope that Shanghai is third. After the hit, he was unable to continue.boom!The twin towers of the iron tower receded thousands of feet, their complexion turned pale, the corners of their mouths overflowed with a ray of blood, and the god armor on their bodies showed cobweb-like cracks. The god pattern of the million defenses was also quickly fading, and it was obviously almost unsupported. , The shock of the two could not be added.At this time!A horrible breath of power emerged again, and the hearts of the iron tower twins suddenly trembled.You bastard…Are you a pervert…The Shuang Zun of the Iron Tower couldn\’t help yelling.boom……With a stronger punch, the barrier rose slightly, and then shrank back abruptly.Bang!The armor of the gods burst, and the defenses of the two towers were completely shattered. The two were thrown out, and the shock and explosive skills alternately impacted the two. Even though the defenses of the two bodies are also extremely amazing, but in the nameless Under the power of the two magical skills contained in the magical skills, the flesh and blood suddenly became blurred.Bom!In the fifth round of strength, the black hair in Shanghai danced even more fiercely, with an astonishing light shining in his eyes. Between his hands and feet, the whole world was shaken, as if a true god and demon descended on the world. Coming with the power of destroying the world.Kill me!

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