However, his hands were not slow. He immediately released Ming Yuyan, swept out his fists and feet, showing his tyrannical physique. In the past, he didn’t use his physique because his physique was not as powerful as his might, so he was basically useless. Now that Shenwei is imprisoned, it can only be supported by physique.

A high-grade god source the size of a soybean? I can\’t evaluate its value, but this thing can be obtained in the battlefield of gods as long as there is a big chance. It is not a very rare thing. Just take a top grade god source to make a bet, it\’s too simple for you to think about. Shanghai said with a faint smile.What are you talking about? It\’s not as good as that? Shanghai, if you are afraid, you should say it early. If you don\’t dare to fight, you will not dare to fight. Why use words to shirk again and again.Yao Wuji said with contempt: \”Since you didn\’t say enough, that\’s good, I will add three middle-grade gods, and 60 low-grade gods, dare you gamble?\” A bigger jade box, open it directly.Three fist-sized middle-grade gods emerged, among them there were sixty and half-fist-sized low-grade gods. This jade box is the second most treasure in the treasure house of the demon god family, and it is also something that is not easy to use, but the demon Wuji can\’t take care of so much anymore, for the sake of the spirit of blood, he will force Shanghai to fight anyway.If you add the one in his hand, I promise to fight with you. Shanghai pointed to the one in Zhiyifeng\’s……Yao Wuji was angry, but in the end he endured it, twitching his cheeks a few times, and staring at Shanghai for a moment. When you lose the blood of the spirit god, I see how you cry when you think about it. He cast his gaze on Yifeng, \”Brother Yi, can you borrow this middle-grade god source for a use first?\”All right! Yi Feng hesitated, nodded slightly, and handed the middle grade Shenyuan in his hand.Immediately!Yao Wuji held all the bets in his hands, and cast his eyes on Shanghai, \”Almost, right?\”almost.Shanghai nodded slightly and immediately took out the jade bottle. The two established an enchantment at the same time, and made an oath in the name of their ancestors, and then put everything into the enchantment.After doing all this, Yao Wu was greatly relieved, a smile appeared on his face, and his eyes frequently looked at the jade bottle containing the spirit of the spirit blood, as if it was already his.It\’s time to start. Yi Feng slowly hovered to a height of one foot and looked at Shanghai indifferently.Slow! Shanghai waved his hand.What else do you… Yao Wuji stared.The barrier here is too fragile. I want to face off with Brother Yifeng in the big secret room. There are only two of me. I don\’t know what Brother Yifeng feels like? Shanghai asked.Hearing these words, Yi Feng was startled, took a deep look at Shanghai, and nodded slightly: \”I agree.\”Two of…Yao Wuji was stunned, and immediately remembered that Yifeng was invited by the clan leader. His identity was not trivial, and he wouldn\’t deceive them, so he didn\’t worry much, anyway, Yifeng would not lose. As for Shanghai\’s request, it was nothing more than Just make your face look better.

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